Amnesia IBL - Underground seeds collective


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Strain: Amnesia IBL - Underground seeds collective

Growth: 2 weeks of growth cycle, 11L pot, 90 days of flowering

Nutes: Plagron alga grow, vita race, power roots, alga bloom, green sensation

Yield: +/- 40g

Bag Appeal: big buds coated in resin, nice flower to leaf ratio, average density

Smell: strong, pungent sour lemon dishwasher soap

Taste: fruity hazy lemon taste with "chemical", earthy notes

The High: Madness. Instant hitting, devastating, electric, psychedelic euphoric sativa high. Not that much of heartracing. Can couchlock too if you smoke too much.

Comments: If you look for the real one, don't hesitate and try this wonderful strain. Not for the beginner though : long flowering time, insane stretch, seriously powerful effect.