Any dispensaries left in Southern Oregon that sell from medical growers?


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Hi guys I'm really disgusted with the recreational dispensaries. Their stuff is cut way too early barely has any smell, sometimes over a year old, and just doesn't sedate you very good! Does anyone know of any dispensaries that source from small time medical farms rather than huge early cut commercial farms?


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Well, I'm sure there are others, just google medical only dispensary. But the first that comes to my mind is Dab Town in medford. I'll leave you to decide if the medical farms they source from are small or not. Generally speaking, your micro sized farms only sell to specific dispensaries so if you have an ideal farm, ask who they deal with.

That said, in my trials of several states as well as Amsterdam, (practically) no flower bought legally (and some not) haven't tasted early to my taste buds (for this reason I grow flower, but buy hash.) Never mind my nay saying and go hunt down your white whale! Report back if you find properly cared for dispensary herb.


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Good morning peeps. I could gawk all day at the beautifull med- flower picts. Reading enjoys. However i am on brink of Zero med. I am a cardholder. Seeki g vrower. Pay my way. Chronically ill. If ANYONE here can help, i would surley appreciate. Anyway, ill keep DROOLING. like a kid in a candy stoor. Just STARVING. . . . Lol / kinda.


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Not sure if you have an emerald triangle near by but the two we have in K. Falls are fantastic! Med patients get an automatic discount.