Any mo growers


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The last year has been full of new methods and ideas. Went full organic super soil, water only. Best grows for me ever! I ran many different strains, I've culled and culled, now I will be trying LST in larger containers. Reducing numbers and growing larger plants. Grow on...


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Looks nice missouri growers. Anything new?

Starting my grow with 3 Blue Dream and 2 Zkittelz. On week 5 since sowing seeds and I just transplanted into 5 gallon Gro Pro Warrior pots. Still a little transplant shock on one plant. I was a little rough with the root ball. (2 pots with fresh Basil planted too. Topped twice in many cases and removed some lower branches since I don’t like to harvest larf. Three more weeks of veg planned, then I will flip at 8 weeks. No plant training planned Beyond topping and lollipopping.

last grow was with coco, now I’m going back to soil with Fox Farm (and extra perlite). i didn’t like watering coco daily, and I didn’t have a good way to automate it.
started out under fluorescents at 24/0 light schedule
19/5 light schedule currently…
Using GH Flora Series nutes at 50 percent of recommended (and planning cut back more) plus seaweed extract.
Timber Cob LEDs
82 degree temperature in the tent 24/7
Potted up from 16oz to 1 gallon to 2 gallon to 5 gallon.


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Got kali mist and black widow going thinking about running these bubbakush s1s and bog sour bubble too.