Anyone Grown Barney's Farm Red Diesel?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by imonedollar, Oct 23, 2008.

    Secret Grower

    Secret Grower Active Member

    Mine just hit day #22 in flowering...

    dragonbud Well-Known Member

    My Red D's are still in Veg. but they are starting to look stronger. I planted some oriental cabbage before that looked just like it. I'm psyched up about this plant. Where's Barney the purple dinasour at now?

    imonedollar Active Member

    sorry for being a lousy thread starter, for real

    smoke and coke, i lost them because of space issues
    since im growing in a small space(moved to a cabinet 38" long x 19" wide x 4' or so i think? hahah just picture a pretty fair sized 4 drawer dresser) i only germed 5 of the 10 i got and they all sprouted, i only planned on growing 2 to 3 anyways but since i lst'ed that thing is HUGE nowm i had to take the top off of the cabinet because she got too big during flowering, n00b mistake
    im on week 2 of flowering and shes BARELY getting the urchin top LOL

    i cant figure out how to send pictures from my damn phone!
    if anyone has T-Mobile, and has The Dash message me hahah:wall:
    its a really nice camera but i cant get them onto my computer

    Deltsy85 Active Member

    good luck with your grow dude im just about to germ 5 feminized red diesels. excited as hell cause all the reviews on it are great.
    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    i really liked the barney's farm bluecheese. i picked up the big buddah blue cheese also and its about the same a barney's.
    out of the 10 red deisel regular i tried to germ 4 last year and 5 this year and none of them are any good. shame on barney's farm.

    farmer2424 Well-Known Member

    my buddy has a couple red diesels about 60 days in and ready to come down. 7 gallon pots. grow big, tiger bloom, and molasses all light feedings every other week. 8- 9 week veg, and checked them with a dissecting scope and the heads were almost all cloudy with the trichomes stalks bending in every direction. ridiculously frosted buds that need staking to keep them off the floor, and one of the two is all deep purple. its the only plant in the garden other than a blue hash that is turning purple, so i think its mostly genetics. Looks like an alright yielder at 2-3 ounces. Strange smell though, a fuely kinda nutty/ musky smell. not the best smelling plant in the garden, but its gonna have ridiculous bag appeal.(although it will never see a bag)

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    my last grow of Red Diesel grew so damn slow and not alot of branching. I was thinking it was something I did - so I cloned it along with some HSO Blue Dream - but must be the genetics as it again is way behind I may have to veg it like 5 weeks more than the BD.

    I have a few more seeds - so I hope they run better. It grows painfully slow.

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    This is a REALLY old thread!....but I do have some Red Diesel going at the moment. I have one that is about 3 weeks into flower. I will try to take a pic tonight and update my progress if anyone is interested.

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    I am starting to think the Barney Rubble Red Diesel likes dry conditions, more than most.
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