anyone tried original sensible seeds?

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    Excellent seed bank, free shipping, discreet, and you get a free seed.Again going to buy from

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    Are you in the USA because I would love to order from them myself

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    Theyre awesome, ordered a pack of 3 trans siberian autos, was taking a while to get them, i emailed them and said i never received the seeds after about a month of my order, got my original order and then they sent me another pack for free as well as 2 freebies, thumbs ^ in my book
    midnight madness

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    great. got my order to cali in bout 10 days. got an auto skunk going.

    D'sNuts Well-Known Member

    My first ever order original sensible seeds, untracked package for medicinal marijuana seeds were seized in NY this week. Got the letter from Dept of Agriculture.
    Any idea how to get a reorder or money back? So disappointed. Thanks.

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    the original sensible seed company is great they have wonderful service,fast shipping, and the best strains around for budget prices. The next time you think, think original sensible seed company

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    Being that I live in a country where the federal government doesn’t allow the importation of cannabis seeds, I had to do a lot of research before deciding where to spend my money. This seed bank was on several top 10 lists. After hours of scanning the various top 10 lists, I narrowed it down to this one and one other. Ultimately, I chose OSSC because of the number of breeders and strains available from single seed to bulk with some at a decent price. The other seed bank is still on my wishlist because they have a couple strains OSSC doesn’t have but the shipping is higher. I like OSSC’s flat shipping rate. The cheap shipping and crazy seed promotions is what caused me to buy from them. I made two purchases during their March Madness promotion. My first order was for 50 euro to get the 5 free feminized seeds. That combined with the free seed promotions from the breeders, I had a 17 feminized seeds of 7 strains for 70 USD! Unfortunately, that package was intercepted by customs. I emailed support a copy of the letter and they refunded me half the cost in in-store credit. Although, I would’ve rather them resend the package in better stealth packaging. I do think part of the problem was that it was mailed to a P.O. Box that was recently opened. So, those of you in the US, I would advise against using a P.O. Box to get your beans.
    On to the rest of the positive, I did make an order 2 weeks after my first order because of a double seed weekend promotion. I sent these to my friend’s house in another city. They arrived in 12 days. I was really hoping they’d get to my P.O. Box just fine and I wouldn’t have to include her in my business long term, but I guess it’s worth the small sacrifice. When those arrived, they forgot to double my seeds. I used the ticket service after hours listed on the website for a response. Someone returned my email on a Sunday morning apologizing about the late delivery of my first order (I hadn’t received the interception letter yet.), thanking me for the delivery confirmation, and promising me the rest of my order would be sent the next business day. It arrived the next week.
    On top of all of the crazy promotions and too many strains to grow in a lifetime, I give them a solid 4 stars since I did have a package intercepted and I only got half the refund. I saw another seed bank claiming to be willing to resend up to 3 times. I want that order! It took me 3 hours to craft that list to get as many free seeds as I bought.
    I forgot to mention that all of my seeds from them germinated. I accidentally left Pure Kush from them on the paper towel too long and it dried out and the sprout broke and started to rot. However, I was able to revive and salvage it in the pellet under a solo cup dome with 24 hours light.

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    They stiffed me, I sent pics and have emailed every single day for 3 weeks. Not even a reply. Worst company I have ever dealt with. Original sensible seeds in Spain is a scam.
    Just got great package from Attitude in 6 days!

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    ^ works for ossc. fuck ossc. go herbies even tude, trust me guys

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    I've never ordered from any seed company on line but I keep reading positive reviews, this looks like the kind of company to do business with.

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    I received my first order from OSSC no problems, I do live in the states and obviously
    not in a state that is forward thinking. All in all it went very smoothly.
    They are less expensive and gave a lot of free seeds also. I'm happy and will
    reorder with them.
    They have been warning about a scam site that looks like OSSC but they're not!
    try linking through the (I believe this is right) pot college web site this is run by OSSC.
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    first time user,aok for now,the free seeds good thc and you know what your getting,i will keep you posted:weed:

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    no, i don't work for them. i did that post to get the free credit. they gave me credits for that post but now they're not even responding to my emails for grow reports with their own seeds. so, i'm hesitant about ordering from them until i get a response. their cheap shipping is why i chose them over herbies. unless their team responds to an email, i wouldn't order from them. customer support is one of my rules for ordering. it was good till they went silent.

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    Go with Attitude seeds

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    Good luck. About to get the next promotion on Attitude!
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    Just got my seeds today :). They got here quick in bubble wrap and pamplet for royal queen seeds. Toke 12 days from order to arrive. Cant wait to start them.

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    Ive bought from there twice the first time I received my order after I got my confirmation it was sent. Took 2 wk. Because I live in U.S.A. Next order $289 put tracking on it, paid extra. Waited like 3 woks tracking kept saying it had been in New York. In customs. After 30 days in customs I finally get my package, I was excited. Get the envelope and realize its ripped and taped. Open it and all that is in there is a letter. The post office had seized my seeds and was now telling me they could prosecute me. So I email the letter to the original sensible seed bank and they tell me they are only willing to credit me half my money. Won't be putting tracking on seeds anymore.
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