anyone willing to help a cancer patient.. please help this guy..

if you got any extra money.. please help .. a family friend of ours.. was diagnosed with leukemia 12 years ago.. and still has cancer.. just got a bone marrow transplant.. and insurance isn't helping them with anything after the hospital.. his girlfriend is taking care of him when he gets home.. he will be going threw chemo when he gets out of the hospital.. so she is quiting her job to help him.. they are looking for some compassionate people that know how tough cancer is .. or who has a family member that beat it.. or dealing with it..

I know this is asking a lot.. but any donation will help this man get his life back. after 12 years fighting with cancer. we do not want him to give up after his brother donated bone marrow to try to cure this cancer..

im not close with them but.. a family member of mine is really close to these people.. so I figured what better place to post then ON HERE n other forums .. we all know how weed works for cancer.. so I figure people will be supportive..

thanks for reading this.. and I really hope we can help this dude.. he really needs it.. and 20,000 $ is really going to help them get threw this.. remember karma.. one kind act.. will help you in the end..


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Facing cancer is really going through a difficult pain every day not only for the patient but for the family members too. It is the most awkward situation when we make all attempts to save life of our love one but could not fetch any good result. In such instance it’s better to take assistance from cancer helpline provided by Regionalbikurcholim or other charity organization. Hope it would be helpful for you.