Are there any Stinkbuddies from the stinkbud forum here?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Oldgrowth, Nov 14, 2017.


    Oldgrowth Well-Known Member

    I'm OldGrowth a moderator from the old Stinkbud forum. I'm looking to connect with some old members and fellow moderators.
    So this is a shout out to you all! I'm so looking to reconnect with you!

    CB7guy Well-Known Member

    stink just posted in his thread,, not surprised this thread got no love. lot of stink haters

    [email protected]@ Well-Known Member

    Is not that. There was some drama in in 2010 and unfortunately lots good info are gone.

    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    Nothing but love here bro!

    GoatSoup Active Member

    I was on the old forum and just decided to restart my growing, now that it will be legal for 6X plants. I found a local place to get 6"-8"clones to start off with as seeds are too fiddley for me. I'm thinking of using LEDs since my grow will be small.

    I plan on using a bathtub in my extra bath room to hold my tubs and do a four plant SOG to fill in the 2.5' X 5' tub. I found some LEDs (~600 or ~1000 W equivalent) that only use 150-225 watts draw that should give me the coverage I need and give me ~1700 PAR for that foot print. I had problems with heat when I was using 8X 48" T5s , ~500 Watts.

    Skunk odor was another prob I had, thought I'd try an ozone generator to cut the stink.

    I've never tried SOG before and wondered if Chem dog would work well?

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    don't use those 'equavilant' wattage lights. They are plain junk and you will be dissapointed with the results. read up in the LED section for better components like QB's or strip lighting.

    GoatSoup Active Member

    LEDs have made great strides since the 150 W UFO days. I've been researching the lower cost lights and found a couple or three that say they have reasonable PAR values with foot prints in the 3'X3' coverage area. I'm looking for ~1700 PAR @ 12-18" heights, and thinking now that 2X 600's or 1 1000 (equivalents) can do the job in my small SOG.
    I've been searching for info but haven't found much LED info on RIU since I joined, though the grows I've been able to check in to seem to use them with reasonable efficiency.

    I'm planning my room now concentrating on ventilation, heat, and odor management now. I have a very tight budget and was happy to find a Stinkbud cloner frame and tub in my garage from the 'old days'. I still have my 8X T5 fixture and if nothing else I will use that.

    I'm hoping that I can get 4-6 clones started by Feb 1 with some fast autos be smoking my own by April!

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    I have some autos i plan on starting indoors going outdoors about April. Have a few dozen photo's i plan on starting April going outdoors in May for my Fall crop. Have 10 GDP autos, 10 Sour Diesel Reg., and about 40 ICE x Critical cros for my outdoor crop this year. Should be bountiful.bongsmilie

    OldGrower Well-Known Member

    still run my system today 12+ years later still works great

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