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    Craigson Well-Known Member

    I had 4 tiny plants.(like 2-3g each lol)
    They were pretty much just planted in june and left to fend for themselves. Barely got any light.
    All 4 were pretty damn frosty and reeked of lemons/pinesol.
    Smoke is thick and lemony with a spicy aftertaste.
    Def gets the heart rate goin but no paranoia. If my clone run yields well I think this will be a keeper for me.

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    I also had not thoroughly read through this thread. These LBL crosses seem to be of the highest level! My Daywrecker Diesel xLBL differed more in looks than high and I froze ALL of one plant which was the frostiness. A treat for late winter or spawning season. Nice yielder also.

    1kemosabe Well-Known Member

    20171029_170213.jpg Gg4 x lbl after a few weeks of cure. I like this smoke. Good day time smoke, good anytime smoke really. No couch lock and no paranoia, good pain relief, not super potent but not weak in any aspect. Has a real nice creamy chocolatey minty smooth smoke (real nice). Nice bag appeal, and the jars are emptying quicker than others (meaning the fam and friends like as well). Looking forward to growing these again along with some other GLG Bad dog genetics.
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    j.t.1986 Well-Known Member

    i forgot to post that last pheno of my starfighter f2xlbl..

    hard to pick a favourite out of the three, they are all good.

    i actually had some of this one this morning, and it has been a productive one...its uplifting and mellow.. hard to get stressed out when feeling this nice lol..
    this one has lost all of its lemony scent in the jar.. its more of an OG/skunky type smell now, zero sweetness. unlike the other two which retained their sweetness..

    this pheno also had the lightest buds of all three.. its potent off the bat, but something creeps up on you after aswell.. gonna save some for my holiday stash lol.

    IMG_1079.JPG IMG_1080.JPG

    Craigson Well-Known Member

    Curious about this one too.
    Deadhead throws orange terps according to a guy on fb so Im wondering if the orange comes out in this cross.
    Bad Dawg

    Bad Dawg Well-Known Member

    The Dead head mother is Golf ball size, rock hard nuggets. it reeks of kerosene fuel funk. Great structure and very easy to clean. Taste great.
    I had another pheno that was very skunky. But I lost her. when I popped the rest of the pack ,I got this pheno. I would expect a lemmony fuelly terp.
    Never had any orange terps in my pack. @Craigson

    Craigson Well-Known Member

    Ya i have a feeling the guy mixed up his seeds.
    Thx for the reply
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    JohnGlennsGarden Well-Known Member

    Have 2 SoCalMK x LBL freebies about a week from flip. Looking forward seeing to my first Bad Dawg flowers.

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    The Daywrecker Diesel x LBL is excellent and potent with sour lemon and fuel smells and powerful high-stone. Good size and easy to grow. Plants looked quite different from each other but vaped about the same. I grew 3 girls and have 6 seeds left.
    Bad Dawg

    Bad Dawg Well-Known Member


    Here was the latest feed back on these.

    it was the pre 98 mota cut x long bottom leaf . our circle of friends are all raving about the quality and the effect. these are all old-time local growers that have been doing the outdoor stuff since the 1970s in south-eastern ohio. the buzz hit me hard and fast and then mellowed out some. but it is a sativa type high that allows you to get work done and does not leave you tired afterward. it is very nice all around smoke and a good producer. i am used to getting freebies from europe that are old or have herm traits but this stuff was a real treat! i wish i would have kept them for myself

    JohnGlennsGarden Well-Known Member

    20171129_054628.jpg Front 2 are my scmk x lbl. First week of flip. Very similar structure, look.

    JohnGlennsGarden Well-Known Member

    20171207_172315.jpg @Bad Dawg do you have any info on these? What are the parents like? Would be nice to add a little cbd to the garden. I think I'm gonna toss a couple in a paper towel.
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    MrMayhem1134 Well-Known Member

    I am curious about "White Skunk x LBL". Lineage (Parent's info), pictures and/or descriptions are helpful. Thanks!
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    Bad Dawg

    Bad Dawg Well-Known Member

    This is the original listing. The seed label should say Atonic. It tested at 19% cbd (If memory serves me right) and less than 1 % thc. I have grown it out doors 2 times and it is very strong ,low matinance. And is great indoors. I have several people that use it for pain. And I use it in a coconut oil rub mixed with Deathstar. It is the NineFold Cut.

    A 5 pack of a new untested strain from Bad Dawg Genetics-

    Medical Dragon

    Atonic (Nine Fold Genetics) x 3 Headed Dragon (Bodhi).

    3 Headed Dragon is BODHI’s (Triangle Kush x Dragonsblood F1).

    The Dragonsblood F1 I used is from older stock (less likely to see the blood trait pheno), Bodhi has now worked the Dragonsblood line to a F3,to insure more of the blood trait phenos.

    I just want to clarify this is from the older gear. I did however use a male with the Blood trait. I decided to make some crosses with this cut because I really like the High of the 3 Headed Dragon. It is very upbeat and will have you talking to anyone who will listen for hours.

    I think this will be a great medical strain. It takes Nine Folds Genetics high CDB

    Strain, ATONIC (Perkins x Good Medicine) and adds the great upbeat

    high of the 3 Headed Dragon.

    Quote from Dragboat

    JohnGlennsGarden Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Yep, definitely throwing a couple of these down. Lots of potential in that lineage.

    JohnGlennsGarden Well-Known Member

    20171207_214345.jpg Happy little scmk x lbl 2 and scmk x lbl 1 @ 9 days in. Topped once last week. Both have stretched 50% in a week. #1(right) is the early fav.

    Bluskadoo Well-Known Member

    Never heard of the bdg but after a light scroll things don’t look so bad as most are skeptical of freebies butttt anyone have any info on the cookie wreck x 5E421556-E767-43AF-BD2A-176D7CEF9F4A.jpeg

    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    Grow it.

    Cookie Wreck is killer so is lbl.

    Mine damped off but should be awesome. Wish I had more.

    Also currently running some CV Cookie Wreck
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    Bad Dawg

    Bad Dawg Well-Known Member

    Bk30 breed to Apollo 13 F4.(new tester/freebies coming next year.)


    Bk30 outdoor breed to LBL


    LBL Dad was a bad ass, Just touching him gave off citris smell. Had several forked leafs and I extra leaf giving the Bird.[​IMG]



    hydgrow Well-Known Member

    I grew it. It was dank! Rock hard crystallized buds.

    Mine was stinky stinky stinky!
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