Barneys Farm LSD Feminized- FEEDBACK Please

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by C Moore, Mar 10, 2011.

    C Moore

    C Moore Member

    I'm 99% sure that I'm goin with Barneys Farm LSD Feminized, for my first grow. It's says it's a high yielder, very a high potent THC Content of 24%. Which pretty much has me sold on this being my first strain to go with, I was thinking about trying Barneys Farm Tangerine Dream, but Ive heard it's not s very stable strain far as growing? If you have Grown or smoked Any of Barneys LSD, if need your feedback, suggestions, more info ETC. About this Strain.. Thankxx

    krok Active Member

    Seedbank descriptions suck, and rarely are correct. It's hard to find seeds when they do this.

    However, I've grown LSD twice. The first time was my very first grow.
    It yields above average (very well actually), and stretches a lot during flowering.

    Very easy to grow (or I was lucky), and a potent high. I recommend it.

    If you want regular seeds, go for anything from Mr.Nice. They have the true genetics, and are not name-whores, are working on an open pedigree database for all their strains (when finished, the first in the world!), have forum-support for each strain. I could go on, but I'll just say this: you'll find a keeper for sure - your own holy grail.
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    C Moore

    C Moore Member

    Ok thanks, a million.. I'm going to try out growing 20 of Barneys LSD's.. I want to yield around 2 oz, per plant. Around 38-40 oz. Total, does that sound realistic? And how much was your yield per plant?

    xivex Active Member

    Read my grow journal in my sig. Just harvested and am curing my BF LSD. Its not bad, depends on what your used to I suppose. I consider myself a true conniseuer having been to Amsterdam, Negril, and and having a friend in Humboldt who gets an annual visit from me! :) The LSD strain gets me high, but I wouldn't grow it again. I'm not super fond of some of the pheno smells...most of em actually...very sweet musky earthy type smell (not my favorite smell :( ). That said, I did get one sativa pheno that smelled like herbal black licorice..fucking awesome smell!

    Since it was my first grow, no matter what I grew, I probably wouldn't grow it again because I'd rather try something different for round 2.

    Just my $0.02...

    Overall it was pretty easy to deal with, no issues, no herms, all germd. No issues. Got about 1.5 lbs off LSD Plants, vegged 2 months in FFOF/FFLW super soil type mixture...


    OH YA -- As mentioned, the breeder's descriptions are often very inaccurate. If you use them, use them as a LOOSE guideline, not a set in stone type of deal. i.e....Barney's Farm lists LSD as 60-65 day flowering strain...Both my LSD grow and Illuminations were flowered to 70+ days (his about 70, mine about 73 days).

    So basically the breeders lie/exaggerate. Its marketing man..think about it.

    Tangerine Dreams seems not ready from what I've read...lots of people reporting germ/sprout issues with the seeds.

    PeachOibleBoiblePeach#1 Well-Known Member

    I was not impressed,,,Lot's of people are I guess? I'd go with a white widow strain or white russian for a first grow myself. great yeilds great high and easy to take care of and manicure.
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    xivex Active Member

    Great advice. I'd go with White Widow. Do some research on the strain and look into the "REAL" white widows...I don't hoenstly know, just heard some are meh copies and some are legit real deal. Heard maybe Mr. Nice's Black Widow was supposed to be the original and bomb.

    Hope it helps!

    X ;)
    C Moore

    C Moore Member

    Wow guys, that's a true buzz killer.. I was actually sold on Barneys LSD being my first choice of strain to grow considering, my experience with this being my first grow, and the description saying it has a high yield with the high Thc content of 24% and with it being listed as #4 on Attitude seeds top 8 of all of their seeds, but now I'm skeptical because I was aiming for a strain with a TKO knockout high with a High yield that's also easy 2 grow.. In my area the thing is purple haze.. Hows the high with Barneys LSD 2 be exact?

    xivex Active Member

    It is a bit psychedelic, but not like acids or shrooms or anything. Just colors seem brighter and the way you space out some and the stimulation from an actively, exciting environment that youd get is similar...but its a different buzz...its indica and slows ya down some but its not couchlock per se. Seems easy to socialize on. I mean if you wanna do it, then grow it. Its not bad..ive just had much better so its alright imho, but not amazing kick your ass potent, wowee! Bud. I read someone elses description once who said he liked to mix lsd in with other shit to enhance the other shit. That sounds Bout right to me.
    C Moore

    C Moore Member

    Sounds good 2 me from your description, because where I'm located the most popular smoke is "Purple haze", if you have had purple haze before, do you think VS. the LSD is it much potent, better overall or similar to it. The reason I'm asking is because I'm looking for a TKO high grade A strain. Plus I'm investing around $1,400 on equipment, seeds etc. And I really don't have the time or cash to waste on a strain that's not an absolute good smoke.. Lol

    PeachOibleBoiblePeach#1 Well-Known Member

    who's "Purplre haze'? first timer go easy and get it right! G-13 Labs was nice,,,and it was not purple Thank goodness.
    C Moore

    C Moore Member

    Lol Thankx Peach... I guess I will just go with Barneys LSD then..
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    J2M3S Well-Known Member

    Here is a recent pics of some LSD that were FIMmed.

    tardis Well-Known Member

    My first grow ever I grew Barneys Farm LSD along with a few others. Barneys Farm LSD was the most vigorous of those I grew, it took stress with no problems and no hermies. the yields were very high. the phenos were a bit different, but all seemed to share a passion fruit smell which was very very nice. The high however didn't have the euphoria I look for, but it was very potent, and very trippy. You smoke that and you start analyzing everything and wonders "woah what was that?".

    I probly wont ever grow it again cause its not the high I look for. also the only other con is that the leaves look horrible when it grows, like fresh salad leaves more than structural pot leaves.

    That being said I highly recommend this strain to first time growers as it is EASY to grow. The high is very useful for nature, going on hikes, being at the beach. Very mystical and spiritual high, not so much a party high though. Highly recommend it to first time growers.

    Now if you want to try a femmenized seed that will give you some seriously quality smoke and was very strong and vigorous, i'd suggest G13 Labs Pineapple Express. The high is amazing to say the least and its almost as easy to grow as barneys farm LSD.

    greenjumble Well-Known Member

    If you like the Haze that you get locally then pick up a nice Haze or something like AK-47 or Skunk #1. Those give you a more strong Sativa type high but have a shorter flowering time and are farely forgiving to grow and will produce nicely. People/friends will love those plants.
    C Moore

    C Moore Member

    Nice review Tardis.. Thanks!!

    TwooDeff425 Well-Known Member

    Been growing LSD for over 2 of mine and my patients will be in my collection forever :)....easy to grow, very very forgiving and gives you some of the best medicine I've had the pleasure of trying (and I've tried/grown a lot of different strains)
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    C Moore

    C Moore Member

    Thanks 2deff I've been hearing alot of positive feedback about this strain, has me kind of wondering why it hasnt won more Cannabis Cups..

    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    I am about a week or so from harvesting my first LSD, and have several more in the pipeline. Here's a couple pics of the one that's almost ready. One thing I have noticed about all four that I have started from seed: These plants are very tall. I found that interesting, since the writeup on the strain says it is indica dominant. So far, it's been one leggy lady for me.

    LSD1.jpg LSD2.jpg
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    C Moore

    C Moore Member

    On a scale of 1-10 what rating would you give the overall high/ smoke quality?

    C Moore

    C Moore Member

    I plant to grow 20 lsd plants under one 1,000 watt light, how long dis you veg, How much was your yield per plant and how's the smoke quality?


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