Best blueberry strain?

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    BabyAndaconda420 Well-Known Member

    I really want to grow a blueberry strain and i just dont know which one to choose. Just wondering what you guys out their think is the most potent and flavorful blueberry strain out their thanks.
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    malicifice Well-Known Member

    Avoid Dutch passions blue berry. Not worth it at all.

    BabyAndaconda420 Well-Known Member

    Lol yeah thanks for the heads up ive heard this alot makes me stay away from all dutch passion seeds and the bad rep on the G13C99. Makes me not buy any G13 seeds but i have a blue og from them i heard is pretty decent might run it one day but i want a pure Blueberry.
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    Stealthstyle Well-Known Member

    dj short but they are pricey
    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    Running Big Buddha Blue Cheese right now. Shit already smells dank-sour-sweet.

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    My Dutch Passion blueberry hermied bad.......

    bottletoke Well-Known Member

    Jordan of the islands, longtime blueberry breeder that offers blueberry and blueberry crosses of awesomeness!
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    PerroVerde Well-Known Member

    Peak Seeds BC has a great blueberry and crosses at reasonable prices.

    Peak Seeds BC Kush Berry (BC Purple Kush x Peak Seeds Blueberry)... :)

    Andrew2112 Well-Known Member

    Dj short, I'm growing it now and it smells like straight blueberries
    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    if dj short lost the orgnal blueberry parents how can he sell the orgnal seeds?Thats what he sells them for is the orgnal blueberry but there not every person thats growed it says its different and not as good as the old one,I would rather have f2 seeds of the orgnal from what I have heard and been told.let us know how yours turn out.I have f2 of the orgnal on there way to
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    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    Well he is selling them as F5 so even if he didn't have the original parents he could have bred it pretty close. After all how do a good 5 breeders or so sell a Blueberry that is decent? The genetics must breed pretty true I would think.

    BabyAndaconda420 Well-Known Member

    Yeah i been trying to grab some Djs blueberry but every where i usually get my seeds from are sold out anyone know a good source?
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    Andrew2112 Well-Known Member

    No blueberry seeds for me, I got the old school cut :mrgreen:

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    PerroVerde Well-Known Member


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    OldGrower Well-Known Member

    seedsherenow also carries DJ's blueberry in stock
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    past times

    past times Well-Known Member


    I have ran Dutch Passion a few time over the last decade...hermie almost every single time

    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    i would love to try dj short blue berry,, i bought 5 seeds at 25 bucks per seed 2 years ago and not ONE popped!!! i refuse to buy i bought bcbd blue berry, spliff seeds blue berry, and seedsmans blue berry..havnt run the bcbd or seedsman, but i planted 2 spliff ble berry fem seeds, both have a very good structure n berry smell, but no blue colors.. i have 6 regular and 4 feminized seeds of spliff left and 10 regular seedsman and 12 regular bcbd seeds... i was going to try dutch passions but havnt heard any good things any seed companies have a stable line of blue berry that come from dj's original line? any thoughts on sagmartha seeds blue berry? sais its a line off running hundreds of dj shorts bb and then stabilizing the best ones??
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    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    Sagarmatha Seeds
    Blueberry Bud

    One of the tastiest and unique plants available has now been released in feminized form for the masses. From genetics created by DjShort and then isolated by Sagarmatha we have produced a wonderful example of Blueberry Bud. Because of the many phenos associated with this glorious weed the selection process is very difficult. Trying to assemble the aroma, taste, colour, bud formation and elimination of herm tendencies was a huge task that took many months and plants to accomplish. Now for you she is here. These blue marbles will fascinate every smoker and please every toker. Not great for production but every grower should have one harvest per year to make sure they have the best stash in town. It makes every marijuana menu complete.

    Genetics Blueberry
    Sex Regular and Feminized
    Height 1 metre
    Flowering Time 8 - 9 weeks
    Seed Bank Sagarmatha Seeds
    Yield Unknown
    THC Level Unknown
    Type Sativa / Indica

    Availability: In stock

    Pick Your Seeds * Price Qty
    Blueberry Bud Feminized Single Seed
    Blueberry Bud Feminized 5

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