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  1. What is everyone's favorite breeder or suggestions for best breeders to buy from just looking for some very high quality strains... GSC would be lovely iv bought from AKG before and I really liked bubba love and plan on buying more from AKG but want some input
    james murphy

    james murphy Well-Known Member

    tga subcool, mandala,gage green,breeders boutique, rare cannabis, dj short..are some of my favs right now
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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    Exotic, home grown natural wonders, bodhi, gage green, redeyed, sin city, norstar
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    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    So many good ones not really a best IMO but Mr. Nice is my favorite cause he has this auction on his site where you can get the cheapest good quality seeds. But he don't have everything you are going to want so I do buy elsewhere just makes me feel like I'm getting fucked for them prices.

    coolkid.02 Well-Known Member

    Bodhi, Top Dawg, Karma Genetics
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    D_Urbmon Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the best I'm way too inexperienced to say but I can say that Bodhi, Dynasty and PeakseedsBC have all provided me straight fire and with their offerings and pricing I don't feel the need to explore much else out there.

    GrowUrOwnDank Well-Known Member

    Dinafem. Always get a pack of those for back up when you order just in case. Just always work!

    amgprb Well-Known Member

    Pffffttt easily the best breeders are Greenhouse seeds, Barneys Farm, Strain Hunters, Cali connection and KC Brains....

    ..... i couldnt even type that with a straight face! Grinnin haha :D
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    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    yea its easier to start off with which breeders you should steer clear of, like above.
    but...Bodhi, sincity, dna, serious, .even tga Id vouch for. Im thinking you could never
    go wrong with ANYthing Bodhi though!

    missgrn29 Member

    I almost choked. Barney's farm is on my sh** list. Their blue cheese is spindley with obnoxious little popcorn buds. Ordered Cookies Kush Fems.... All of them were males. Never again. I do like their LSD but I'm so turned off by my experiences with their other strains that I simply refuse to give them any of my money ever again.
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    CC Dobbs

    CC Dobbs Well-Known Member

    By far the best breeders are that fucked up couple with 20+ kids and proud.
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    drekoushranada Well-Known Member

    LMAO. I was like WTF?? Haha
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    georgio838 Well-Known Member

    the best breeder is....YOU... just pick 2 classic regular strains & cross them & hey have thousands of beans of your own unique one off set of genetics...possibly a super strain if your lucky & the genes combine in the best manner

    Craig1969SS Well-Known Member

    Green parrot has the best selection of the top end breeders. I'm 3 for 3 on orders & 19 for 20 on getting them to grow. Dutch passion is my fav for sure. Bitcoin seeds out of Great Britain has failed to deliver twice and didn't follow through on re delivery.

    ricky1lung Well-Known Member

    I emailed PSBC yesterday about ordering. They got back to me really quickly and answered all of the questions I asked in a very detailed way.

    Their prices are really cheap in comparison to other banks and so far their CS appears to be top notch. I will make my order an let you all know how it goes.

    D_Urbmon Well-Known Member

    Right on. You won't be disappointed!
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    thegreensurfer Well-Known Member

    -Dinafem has never let me down. Consistent quality, high germination rate, great yields.
    -TGA has tasty stuff with great aromas, potency isn't as high as it should be, it seems they breed mostly for the looks/taste/smell.
    - Cali Connection is hit or miss, some great SUPER potent stuff, as well as some garbage.
    - Next Generation's island sweet skunk has proven to be my best breeding stock. All the strains I hook her up with turn out top shelf and smelly.
    And the yield.......sweet baby Jesus the yield.
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    King Arthur

    King Arthur Well-Known Member

    Whatever you do, I wouldn't follow any advice posted by GUOD. You think I am being a douche then go look at most of his posts lol.

    I like; sweet seeds, loud, delicious, female seeds, and dungeon vault genetics.
    Earl Dean Smooter

    Earl Dean Smooter Active Member

    the best breeders are most likely right here on RIU. by reading posts I have seen crosses that I'd like to try !

    Craig1969SS Well-Known Member

    Never had a sweet seed get past germination. Maybe because every freebie I've gotten has been from sweet. Dutch passion baby, I'll sing their praises every chance I get. They started banking in the late 70's when some enterprising forward thinking person saw that every thing was being randomly pollinated and strains were being diluted into randomness. They're top dog IMO

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