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    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    What have you grown out from them to make you say that?

    They have to be one of the more shit on breeders out there currently unless you like high yielding mediocre quality autoflowers.
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    ricky1lung Well-Known Member

    I have a couple sweet seeds freebies in the stash. They haven't tweaked my interest enough to get cracked yet. Sweet Thai and an ice cool.

    Have you tried either of those?

    green217 Well-Known Member

    Breeders Boutique, has some dank ass genetics at more than fair prices. I've grown a few have their strains. Dog kush, cheese surprise, fireball, dipsey ellsy, and a few freebies that rocked too. I really can't recommend them enough. Chek'm out they are on RIU almost daily.
    Not to mention every 10 pack you buy they give you 10 free crosses good have turned out great for me.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    Haven't run anything from them. Did run Dutch Passion's Think Different and wasn't impressed.

    I'm interested in Sweet Seeds.
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    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    Reviving this thread because i'm about to go on a huge seed spree.

    Looking at Bodhi, DVG, TopDawg, SinCity, Cult Classics, Thug Pug...

    just wanna see what i'm missing out on.
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    Mr.Head Well-Known Member

    I'm looking at Dank Genetics and In House Genetics myself. Greenpoint has some nice looking stuff. BigWorm's got a Company now his gears on OregonEliteseeds and so is Doc's Dank Seeds. Both are working with fire and RIU members so you get to ask them lots of questions if you have them, both amazing growers that post pictures of their strains on here all the time. Breeders Boutique also got great strains, I love their Fireballs. It just won a secret cup in Spain.

    Some great prices on Worm, Doc's, Boutiques.

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    Think I might be able to bless you with some IHG shit bro. I have a lot can't run it all if you're down let me know. Can throw in a few worm beans too.
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    Mr.Head Well-Known Member

    I really don't need anymore beans, those were just the folks I am looking at lately and following their work a little bit. Danks True Triangle Gold is super tempting though lol.
    I also have quite the backlog of many stuffs to get through.

    Thanks for the offer though man, there's so many great folks on here willing to help out :)

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    Yea but not to many banks over here with Dank's gear
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    Mr.Head Well-Known Member

    elite613 has it at 100 a pack CAD, so freaking tempting lol.

    Thefarmer12 Well-Known Member

    Can't go wrong with bodhi exotic genetix and sin city. Sin mint cookies are still floating around..
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    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    I got 4 sins going at the moment. I have ran too many cookie variants I need to change it up.
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    Thefarmer12 Well-Known Member

    Lol I feel you I have sin mint sherb and dosido clone going and then I may take a cookie break.
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    HeirLoom GarGz

    HeirLoom GarGz Well-Known Member

    Duke Diamond VA
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    hellmutt bones

    hellmutt bones Well-Known Member

    CBD seeds
    Connaseur genetics.
    Super strains

    Worst I think its Barneys.. hands down..

    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    sensi seeds are crap,, waste of time and money.. TH seeds have given me some good mothers, i also have a very nice cherry bomb from bomb seeds.. i got truly raped by cali connection and dj short,, both are very expensive and germination rates suck,, if ur lucky enough to get a plant out of hundreds of dollars of seeds dont be hopefull their genetics suck too,,,zero uniformity,, well they all suck so i guess its great
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    ali_afish Member

    How did ordering from PSBC go? Do you have to send them payment first before they ship out to you? How long did it take payment to get to them?
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    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member


    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Something like three to four weeks and he sends very quickly after payment gets there. I am in central US. Excellent stuff and reasonable also. Used more than acouple times. IBLS are great and very stable. Northern Skunk is one not to miss also.

    rdvaughan Member

    Mephisto Genetics
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