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    Thanks for the kind remarks, bud ✌ Oooh, the "Nl1XPNW Hashplant" has set my "cannabis spidey sense" to tingling lol Haven't run any decent HP crosses in a grip. I swear, just like the good ol' NL5XNH males, high quality Hashplant seems to be a shockingly good breeder... it's crosses seem to always produce something special and improved. Definitely looking into Coastal :)
    Anyway, idk, I think maybe there's just SO MUCH excessive exaggeration & whatnot, online.. that folks can get a bit jaded. I get it... but at the same time, I really AM speaking from a position of experience. At least on THIS topic lol ☺️
    As far as my experience with NL5haze, RKS & the very best old school cannabis goes, I have run the gamet, went breeder, by breeder, seed co, by seed co, dealer by dealer, state to state, for over 20 years, hunting genetics. I'm not trying to build myself up as some "know-it-all" who's been everywhere, done everything. Shoot, I have a half dozen friends w/equal-greater experience than I possess. But while I haven't been everywhere, done everything, I HAVE managed to catalogue a Bible-sized, personal strain/smoke journal (first entries are fall 1991 when I was still a teenager. Most entries don't even have strain names lol), and 2 milk crates full of 20 years worth of grow journals/notebooks. Iv failed & succeeded in seemingly equal measure, over the yrs & have made it my personal obsession to locate a handful of strains we lost back in the late 90's.
    Spokane county started this BS, "turn in a grower & collect up to $2,000 reward" program, & they advertised it in the paper, most every day, the bastards Well, long story, longer, the RKS broke through her flowering room's carbon filter,as well as the ionizer in the house, and the neighbors dimed us out to the sheriffs One of the 2 worst experiences of my life & the other involves death. 96 plants lost, including all the RKS, NL5xnh, some crazy stuff called "Snowcap", and a couple lambs bread pheno's from some late 80's Jamaican bag seed. Like, 16-20 week flower times, but among the best pure sativas Iv ever had... SOOOARING sativa
    My point, is that after a couple/few years of legal bs, and utter despair at having lost EVERYTHING... I finally climbed out of my depression & began the looong quest to reacquire what was lost. Over the years, I have run 5 different vendors' versions of NL5haze, a few dif "supposed" RKS's, some Hashplants& HP crosses, just to scratch the surface. And still, couldn't find what I was looking for :(
    A major problem, was that I couldn't get from original sources anymore (original for me, anyway), as one of my partners was a bastard, had multiple felonies &a 10yr suspended sentence hanging over his head, so he flipped and ratted everyone out, myself &my uncle included, when we got raided. Prick wasnt even booked until a week after the raid... DIRTY. Sooo, the rat bastard effectively burned down every bridge I had, as my reputation became tainted for having grown with him. Just couldn't take chances with that shit, back in the day. So Iv had to go largely through seed co's & the odd "by mail" trade/sale, with the occasional, fellow canna-phile :) Got a badass cut of Jack Herer that way - thanks! You know who you are! ;) So I've made my case - that's who I am, and what I'm about. I want to help bring these fantastic, old school beauties, into the main stream, and give them the credit they deserve.
    And yes, I love Swami's Organic Seed co! I'm not going to apologize for that. Got our share of mutants, and culled plants, but we also got a couple long sought after keepers :D WORTH IT!!! I am of the opinion, that NOBODY who grows out a fare # of his genetics is going to be talking smack. The worst I can say, is with "Friend1"'s grow, the "extra loud" smell isn't there in the girls with the crazy potent effect, or in a couple, the YIELD isn't there, but the potency is... "friend2" hasn't cropped yet, but has a couple obvious keepers (tall, slow flowering SKUNKY/spice smelling, heavily sativa-leaning pheno ), and threw out his share of culls & a couple mutants as well ;) but the "next level" goodness IS THERE! You just have to tease it out a bit. But that's the point of open field pollination as a breeding device - it gives the highest % chance to preserve EVERYTHING in the strain's genetics. A single unlucky or unskilled "manual pollination" can breed out critical genes that help make a strain special in the first place. I give Swami all the credit in the world, because he expends a tremendous amount of additional energy doing things RIGHT. It takes years just to cure/prepare/develop the soil he uses, as well as a significant amount of extra time/effort to do the open field pollinations & subsequent selections. Open field pollination in the PNW, can only be done during a somewhat narrow window of time each year. You're also restricted to ONE generation per year. You can easily run 3 gens a year indoors... but his commitment to quality & sustainability are real. I'm just telling it honest - this dude is NOT driven by money. He gives away more than he sells, for cryin' out loud. If you require clone-like, homogeneous seed packs - Swami is not for you. If you're a beginner, or an amateur mmj grower, maybe not the best for you. But if you don't mind cutting clones off of EVERYTHING before going to 12/12, & doing a little hunting for the "genetic combo" you're wanting, Swami is among the very, very best, & I will ALWAYS feel a debt of gratitude towards him. Can't beat the feeling when you've FIIINALY found what you've been looking so long for :D
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    COOOT!!! Highly recommend ANYTHING from Jim Bennett, aka; Calackamas Coot! In addition to genetics, proper nutrition is a MUST when growing next level potency, and of all the advanced, old school organic growers, imho, Coot is the "Mack-est Daddy" of them all! His advice on making & mixing your own organic compost,castings,aeration, crushed basalt &other amendments, etc definitely put us over top, potency-wise. Thanks Coot! ;)
    To those interested, check out "KIS Organic's" YouTube, audio-only interviews with Coot. HIGHLY rec to those who make/want to make, their own "water only" soil :) Also a lot of inside info on various old-school strains like "the one" & "blue orca" being full sisters, created during the same cross breeding of (I thiiink...) Thai X Kandahar. Very interesting stuff for those into the older strains. Check it out :)
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    I believe you and I would get along really well in the real world. Weve been after the same shit for decades. Though I speant some time, everytime I got out, I tried to find the NL5/Hz, and the NL1 x PNW /Hashplant. With No Success.

    Like you. I tried all of the various banks, and have beeh highly disappointed in all of them.

    While some of it is ok weed, and the Mr Nice Super Silver Haze produces like a MoFo, its potency isn't in the same universe, though, its pretty good stuff. Just not exceptional. Ive been running a SSH cut for 3 eyars.

    I only found the Swami gear the 1st of July, by accident, and I bought a bunch of seeds, and gave them to 2 friends to Pheno Hunt, and now they are freaking on how nice ( Especially Blue Orca Haze ).. The Plant, is looking. I just talked to 1 buddy today, and hes really impressed with the plant. Structurally. Really thick, strong main stem, with heavy duty complex branching, and grows really fast, and has a lot of MASS.. It seemingly grew a bit slow, but very compact at first, but it was a bit hot, but my friend is really impressed, and he aint easy to impress. Hes been doing this since 76, and never had any long interruptions. Its now growing very fast, and is a fast as the NL5/Hz but more complex, stronger branching, and closer internode spacing. NL5/Hz, is more Sativa leaning, and BOH you can really tell its a hybrid S/I.

    Structurally it seemingly, has a Very Strong Central Stalk,,,, Close Internode Spacng, more like a short stout branchy Indica, and it started out growing like a Stout, Branchy Kush type plant, but then took a fast horizontal growth spurt, and became a Bigger Strong Plant while maintaining close Internode spacings.

    My other friend lives 80 miles away, and while I haven't had current update, last time we spoke, he said they all also looked really good, and they do vary, but all of them are nice and healthy. I think he had 2-3 runts/mutants NL5/Hz in the beginning.

    This friend has many more plants to select from, vs the other guy, so am anxious for an update, but he cant get his finger out of his ass, long enough to do it. Hes a bad procrastinator, except he does take care of the weed.

    He also has some outdoor Jack the Ripper, Mango Tango, Afghan#1, and is probably busy sorting all that out, and will eventually clue me in. I the only 1 he gives anything to, so its just a matter of finger out of butt.

    Also while I cant vouch for the Coastal, Ive researched them, and they seen really Honest, and have the original NL1, and clone only PNW Hashplant cut Nevil used for his NL1 x PNW HP.

    DC Seeds says he would like to represent Coastal. So he likes them. I think they are a small operation though, and may not be able to supply large amounts of seeds like some can, but the genetics are desirable.

    I already bought 1 pack of the Coastal NL1/HP, but would like to have about 4 more packs. Cant get to many of them, though they are really $$$. But worth it to me.

    DC Seeds will also have more of the Hazeman/NDNGuy G13 x 88 Hashplant. This 1s great for breeding too, and also is a really potent, couch lock strain, and 100% Indica. Stabilized IBL.
    My buddies also have this 1 going, and it is also a fast growing, complex branching plant, though not nearly as sturdy of a plant, or close internode spacing of the BOH. But it does take really well to training, as the BOH main stem will snap like a pencil, if you try and mess with it. No Flexibility. Very rigid.

    Heres what Nevil said about the NL1/HP. 7507SB88-3-copy - Copy.jpg
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    Hell yah... You see the flowering period on that Nl1xhp? Holy (weed) smoke Batman! That's the shtuff, alright ;) Fast & furious - very aptly named strain, LOVE the super fat, extra big trichs on good HP, yum yum. Yah, Iv been blessed here recently, as well. A couple friends & I are all running the same beans from Swami, ( I'm only running the nl5xnh right now - space issues :p ) Some BOH, RKS X BOH cross, NL5haze and some Nigerian Sunshine/Durban. We're mostly hunting out the lanky, sativa leaning, skunky/incense smelling pheno, as that's what we know, but are also eying a couple indica expressions that are - as you said with the BOH - just structurally fantastic. Excellent branching, spacing/airflow, ridiculous stacking - none of the golf balling that a lot of the sativa leaning ones do- just node, stacking on node, stacking on node, forming big-girl colas :D
    SO hoping the potency is there on the structural wonders.
    But yah, got some 20-25% cbd stuff I'm eying of Adam Jacques - dude is on POINT with his cbd weed. He just did a seed drop through a friend of his - JJ Kitchen - who does the YouTube channel "Uptown Grow Labs", as well as the site (.net) by the same name. Old fashioned style - you write or email JJ ([email protected]) & finish the transaction from there. He's on the up and up, though (he's actually a retired JUDGE!! Lmao), he's got a fantastic cut of GDP they fem'd - sucks for breeding imo, but it's genuine at least & only $25 for 5 fems. Adam's high CBD genetics are a bit pricier - 5 for $60, 10 for $120, but they're reg seeds for breeding, are a first offering & have been proven a hundred times over to test out consistently at/over 20% CBD, with all manner of THC content available. In fact, that's the main dif between his various CBD strains - all are at/over 20%CBD... but THC % is as low as a fraction of a 1%... or thc as high as upper teens, low 20%'s. Def grabbing some of those (Franks Gift 2.0 is my personal fav) in Nov, but good look in' out on that PNW Hasplant cross! DEFINITELY added it to my "must have beans" list. Jumped straight to #3 in fact lol
    As far as beans being expensivec, though... Yah, def sucks to pay $10 a bean and up... but just ONE keeper makes it so worth it! It's the paying $50-$150 for a pack of seeds that isn't what you thought or what they said, that pisses me off. But I'm definitely encouraged with the recent reemergence of multiple, real deal, badass old school legends :) So many seemed to have really fallen through the cracks and disappeared... its heartening to see how many have been preserved :) Man... dreaming about that g-13 X PNW HP!! Lmao
    Seriously though - much appreciation for the heads up on the Hazeman G13XHP drop! Was SOOO bummed out when I went to purchase a single pack and they had pulled it off the menu (instead of the usual "sold out"). I though for sure I had missed my chance! Pheew! *wiping forehead*
    Will try and get some pic of my friends grow who's ahead of me (he's about 2 mos into flower)... he's a little "older school" than myself, and in his mind, "photography=evidence" lol I'm like, "DUDE... ur cleared for 15 plants! (He has a dozen)", but so far, no avail. Everyone has their own comfort zone, he's still nervous about the Feds :p I swear to God... those bastards have psychologically damaged so many friggin growers... I say that partly in jest, but at the same time- it's true. How evil do you have to be to break into a sick person's house, rob them, beat them & kidnap them for years? They like to call it a "raid", but it's robbery & kidnapping all the same. But I digress... sorry! Shouldn't post while vaping! Lol
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    Most though were done in 45-50. Some will go 8 weeks. But some are really fast. 43 days was the fastest I saw, but you could clip some at 30 days and would still blow your head off, and was better than anything else around, even weeks early. It also still had that great flavor even at early harvest.

    My original NL5/Hz x HP/RKS/Sk was done in 43 days. But some phenos would go 50-60 with exact same buzz, and looks. Mine was also a really Sativa looking plant.
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    Wow... 6 week wonders with potency are rare. Man, you could start a seed company around that level of gear! ;) One specific Nl5XNH that I've got my fingers crossed on - def going to be a longer finisher (10-12 weeks best guess for how she's looking now), just sprouted a sheen of silver/clear trichs, even down the fan leaves, seemingly overnight. I bent her head down to control height - love the instant response you get with that monster stretch! Just wish I was using proper soil :p Gettin by with FFOF & a mish-mash of organics & synthetics. Pulling at or around a gram/watt (it's that damn Girl Scout that always kills my yield #'s... but I like it lol), but it's so obviously not the same. Potency/quality-wise I mean.
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    Keep an update on the NL5/Hz, as I don't get to seemly buddies regularly, and am interested in how your genes do vs what we got. Glad to hear about the trichome explosion.:weed::weed::cuss::cuss:

    I usually always bend my plants, and make them into a Hedge, vs a tree. I find I get at least 1/3 more. I also shake them vigorously, to build up the stalks, and also bend around with the secondary branches to make them stronger. I also like to have a slight amount of plant movement always present. Even when lights out.
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    Sadly, that's how most seeds are created and sold with very few breeders understanding what a breeding project consists of, aka Pollen Chuckers. A true, stable hybrid comes from two STABLE parents, not from two hybrids. You can't cross a hybrid and a hybrid and end with anything worth growing.
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    6 weeks? What strain bro? Strawberry Lemon Cookies Haze?

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    The Coastal Seeds Company NL1 x PNW Hashplant..... Puck Yeah...... has a flowering time of 6-8 weeks, with the earlier phenos not as common, but are in there if enough plants are gone through.

    The Vashon... Early Bird..... also has a flowering time of 6-7 weeks

    . Some NL1/HP will go 8 weeks. There is Variation, but NL1/HP, and Early Bird are 2 of the fastest finishers there are.

    The EB has been bred to be high terpene, high potency Afg/Sk cross, medium yield, mold resistant, and made to be grown in short flowering period areas like North West Washington State.. Think Vashon Island.

    Both are available at JamesBeanCompany.

    7507SB88-3-copy - Copy.jpg
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    If you're into bubble hash/ice water hash - HASHPLANT!!! Lol A proper cross of HP or PNW-HP, produces those extra big, monster trichomes with the huge fat heads, absolutely PERFECT for making bubble hash and dry sift. Don't get me wrong - love me some teensy tiny trichomes, too - the extra fine sativa hash? Some of the highest quality dry sift Iv ever smoked. Usually we're getting ~3grams bubble hash/1OZ trim, but boy does that ever increase with the HP! Lol ~5grams hash/1OZ! And it's world class bubble :)
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    Yah, I been popping pics left and right... it's just a POS, though, and I can't get anything close up to show properly :p A lot (about 1/4, maybe 1/3?) of the NL5hazes have shown the suppressed smell genetic - actually a highly sought after gene in the 80's-90's. Seeing 2 definite main phenos - shorter, fat, NL5 looking indica leaning ones, & a higher % of taller, lanky, thin bladed sativa leaners. But over 2/3 are showing sativa dominance - exactly what im seeking :) All sativa dom girls but one are very light on fragrance, smell. One tall girl in particular, though, started with the usual sweet sandalwood/nutmeg/incense tones in veg, but is flat out skunky now that she's flowering Silver,clear trich color.
    Good news- so far, only 1/3 of seeds have turned out to be male, so far. Though, the sample size isn't the biggest, very encouraged with what I'm seeing. It's all there... you just need to get it all in one plant lol So, a bean popping I will go lol :D
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    Growing from seed 3 BOH and now one cherry bomb, other CB is male:

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    Keep an update you will.:weed::weed:

    It doesn't matter to me if you have photos or not.

    What does your BOH, and CB smell like ??? Branching pattern ? My 2 friends stuff smells really good. Incense, and flowers.

    Ours have a very strong main stalk, with really nice, complex branching pattern.

    My buddy has been running Mr Nice Super Silver Haze for 3 years, and plant wise is hard to be, but he's s impressed with the BOH, hes forgoing his current SSH clones to let his BOH get big enough, and use them for the next crop. This will set him back 3 weeks anyway, but it seems he really likes the plant, and to knock a SSH out of the room is doing something.

    The BOH also has deeper Greenish Blue leaves, even with a Low Feeding level. Its seemingly very compliant to feedings, and not finicky at all.

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    It doesn't matter to me if you have pics or not. I'm sure your capable of giving a good enough description, just like you did above. That's plenty good for me.

    2 of my buddies NL5/Hz are showing Female, and another is probable. They are slow to show vs the BOH. BOH declared 3 weeks ago, and are now 10 days into flowering. But I haven't seen it. This 1 friend only has 1 BOH< ans he didn't was his Coir good enough ( 5 Flushings ) and it killed all but 2, out of 15. 1 was male, the other female.

    My other buddy has 7-8 female BOH, and hes "Supposed" to give me a report today. But he does it Email, as hes 100 miles away. His stuff is a few weeks ahead of my local friend.

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    Based on your posting in riu about swami I made a contribution and received 20 Blue Orca Haze with about 20 Cherry Bomb seeds as freebies. About three weeks later I received duplicate fulfillment, another 20 BOH and 20 Mazir...., so I sent some $'s to cover postage and labor.
    Seven days from flip with one male Cb and all three Boh showing female bits. BOH have compact and strong main stalks. CB stretched with thin leaves, looking very much sativa like.
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    Thanks !!!

    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to give a quick update on the NL5XNH (sativa expression) in my personal smoke tent... be careful how you prune/train her. LST fine as always, but she is definitely on the sensitive side & doesn't like being pruned. She sagged more than anything else in the tent at "haircut" time, and even pruning one or 2 leafs at a time makes her sad & droopy, whereas the others don't even seem to notice it & stay praying to the heavens. Definitely rec pruning her all at once, no picking a plucking here and there. She slows down too much for my tastes, otherwise. I have her bent at a sloping 90 degree angle, and am liking the surge upward I'm seeing in what used to be the side branches :) She barely got a week of veg lighting, so was basically flowered from seed. Is only ~16" tall - but is bent significantly & is getting hammered with ~1,000 PAR watts of 3000K full spectrum LED lighting. Ive discovered this is quite effective at keeping height down, producing increased bushiness instead. Loving HLG's QB288 quantum boards btw. Highly rec. She'd be well over 2ft if I would've let her go. Smell is skunky, with woody, spicey incense notes, excellent branching structure, but as I believe was noted in the Blue Orca Haze, take care when bending, messing with the branches - they snap about as easy as I've ever seen. Very crisp, sort of "celery-like" stalks - very healthy& able to be LST'd... just be gentle & careful. Don't bend too close to the bud/shoot. Otherwise- SNAP! Happened to me twice, and I WAS being careful the 2nd time :p If you DO have a branch snap on you, zip-tie her towards the break, forcing it to stay closed. Unless it's all the way through -and sometimes even then- this almost always works for me. Ive had better success rates this way than using duct tape or gardeners tape. Anyway- will try and get a pic or 2 next time a friend with a better camera comes by lol
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    My buddy and I finally started some seeds Saturday. I soaked them 24 hours, and then put each seed in its own 32oz cup yesterday.

    I started.

    Coastal Seeds NL1 x Hashplant.

    Swami NL5/HZ


    Velvet Rush x NL5/Hz

    Cosmic Lotus... Which is more COOT genetics from Mountainorganics... The ONE x Highland Blue Thai x Afghani #1 x NL5/Hz. My buddy wanted to start these. Some can go 130 days, which I wasn't thrilled with.

    The ONE x Paki Chitral Kush.

    BO X 85 RKS Guadalajara.

    Started 107 seeds altogether, and hope for 40 females.

    Will veg under a 1000w Hortilux HPS, and flower with 2 x 1000w Gavitas, and 10 gallon smart pots.

    Have a 12 x 5 area. Have more than that, but only enough light for 12 x 5.
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    Vegging under hps? Out of curiousity, is that because the Gavitas have more blue in them? Can't remember... thought I heard someone sayin something along those lines :p But awesome! I'm super jealous! Lol :)
    Yah, It's not gunna be till late April, early May, that I'll be able to pop the lion's share of the 90 beans Gas sent me :p Finishing out a 2yr apartment lease, moving to the country in the Spring :) SO tired of always using tents! But it's a requirement where I'm at, so... whuddya gunna do? Already had to stealth my way through 1 federal housing inspector (the bastards). Tear down the tents an hour before, throw the girls into tall plastic tubs, used an Ona cube & a crockpot full of corned beef to kill smell lol Subsidized housing is nice,financially... but the country beckons :)
    But congrats, man :) I look forward to hearing how they pan out. Particularly interested in that Nl1x hashplant... should be some fire.
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