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    Ok... my girls letting me use her phone to post some pics... sorry for the quality, not the best photographer. Anyway,
    this is my personal, bedroom tent ;) Just my own stash weed :) Anyway, I popped a couple NL5 x Neville's Haze seeds, got one male, (which I culled) & one sativa dominant female. Flowered almost from seed (I let them sprout & get their 1st true leaves under light, 24hr cfl), just doing a stress test of sorts, Feeling her out. She's not as big or stinky as a couple of her sisters in the "big room", but she wasn't vegged, either & she's squeezed into a 1 gallon pot, just so I could fit her into the tent. She's about a month behind everything else in the tent. No topping on this one, just bent her over, & gently bend & work her branches out most every day. She's just ~a foot and a half tall, bent over as she is, but she's elevated underneath to get her up over everything else, as she's in the corner. No issues with shading. I controlled her stretch using pgr's, training, flowering from seed, & keeping her as close to the light as she can tolerate. Has worked perfectly. Predominant smell is very hazey - sandalwood/cedar, sweet incense w/ a layer of earthy/weedy/skunk underneath. She is one of the girls I accidentally snapped Snapped the top half of a good sized shoot. Recovered now & is doing fine as a lower bud site now :) Very crisp, celery-like texture when she was younger. All of the NL5 hazes were like that. Is more bendy/fibrous/woody now, though.
    She tolerates pruning very well. I stripped most of her fan leaves, and although she looks fine, she lost a good half of her mass at haircut time. Jungle like growth. Stopping her height really made a difference in her bushiness. Her sativa dominant sisters are much "sparser" than she is/was, a fare deal more internode space. Will try and get a close-up taken. I couldn't figure out how to get the dang thing to focus if I tried taking anything close :p
    Oh- and her "tent-mates" are 44 days into flower. My Jack Herer pheno is next to her, then 2GDP, 1GSC & 1Romulan runt/mutant fill out the main canopy. Romulans been showing amber since ~5weeks old Taking her at 7weeks, before she turns into Ambien lol hmmm... amber trichs... sedation... ambien sorry I'm stoned

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    If you zoom in, you and see a touch of "3-fingered stress" on her... I notice it happens sometimes when they start getting short on "leg room". Buuut, she'll have to make due...poor thing. I was thinking about seeing if she could tolerate a gentle "flowering transplant", after I chop the Romulan next week & more space opens up. She's not overly tangled in the net... can easily just drop her out & under it... haven't made up my mind! But, yah- kind of wanna put her in a 3gallon airpot with some worm castings mixed in

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    So i am wanting to try subcools seeds and looking for a stinky af strain with good yields 8-9 wks maximum flowering,any suggestions guys? It don't have to be subcools I'd try anything once lol,the psychosis I got nothing come near it for smell or taste and when I started out with no filter the smell could be noticed 7 doors down, luckily I have good neighbors lol
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    Sour Wreck

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    amazon sells singles.
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    my dj shorts blueberry had no germination

    have some dutch passion blue moonshine, which is shorts genetics and it's nice.

    i bought ak-47 and bubblegum from serious seeds and they were not quality gentics.

    i have some cali connection pre-bubba 98, which i heard is very good.

    BOG has always been good to me.

    And my newest fav, Rare Dankness bongsmilie
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    A few breeders not mentioned Humboldt Seed Org., Second Generation Seeds is DJ shorts son JD so has good experience and stock to work with. Gu of Greepoint seeds has a cult following his seeds (lots of grow journals).Archive Seeds has long history ans tons of respect in the game. Connoissuer Genetics seems to be a legitimate breeder too.
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    I am currently using bodhi strain's, I can say they're good but I don't know what the hype is about sunshine daydream, I'm growing it now granted it's got 4-5wks to go but its not very smelly,the blueberry hashplant smell's amazing if you Like blue strains, and I noticed someone mention dutch passion dj short lineage in blue velvet is a keeper I've had it 5 years still going strong
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    go for underground originals killer skunk.high yield, very fruity/Berry skunk phenotypes.
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    Jay7t5 Well-Known Member

    That's crazy I had my eye on that yesterday and I have read some good Thing's about UGORG, I wanted psychosister but sold out, I got psychosis now and there is nothing that bodhi dinafem G13 Dutch passion reserva prevada sensi seeds can come close to,sensi seeds super skunk was shockingly shit smelled fruity creamy and no punch to the nose, I like to smell my weed before it gets to my nose lol
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    Sour Wreck

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    Forgot to give a tip of the hat to Hazeman also:blsmoke:

    newgrow16 Well-Known Member

    4 weeks from flip to 12/12
    Cherry Bomb stretched with a little color:

    Blue Orca Haze another spear:
    IMAG00005 (2).jpg
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