best led grow light for under 1.4k?

I was thinking about getting one Gavita Pro 1700e ,but everyone seems to use marshydro and kingbrite. Is Gavita worth the extra money?


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What size area are you trying to cover?

If you want US-based company, HLG QB's or Timber COB's.

If you don't mind ordering from China, go with Kingbrite or Meijiu.

Meijiu makes a 1000w strip which is around $1k with shipping.


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thinking about getting the 600, IS it easy to put together if I get the kit or should I just spend the extra 90$ and get it premade?
Yeah its very easy to put together, takes 5 min, about as complicated as wiring a plug.
I wouldn't pay for it to be assembled


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For a 4x4, a big 600 or 550 either one will do just fine for bloom and veg. About half what your planning to spend.

I run a 550 in a 4x10 over 4 plants, I actually use about 4x5 of the tent. I get better than a pound.


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With that budget you should look at the Chilled growcraft or Lumatek zeus.

If you want to spend less then HLG or Alibaba would be good options.
5 year warranty. Personally I would go with the Pink reproductive or type PKR it has high Red some blue and a little white/green. Not sold on the far red for anything but finishing.
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