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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by mane2008, Sep 2, 2008.


    St1kybudz Well-Known Member

    Check out the vids on youtube spyder 1200 vs
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    Big smo

    Big smo Well-Known Member

    I don't necessarily like watching advertisers who post videos. Look at kind for instance. The worst company in the world as far as I'm concerned. I can't even get my shipping cost refunded because they threw away the damaged boxes before the inspection. They had great videos. I'm now with a company that would never let this happen
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    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    what company is that? i've been looking at a k5 or diy.
    Big smo

    Big smo Well-Known Member

    The kind lineup is all cheap epistsr LEDsAnd cheap drivers. It's basically an oversized Mars hydro that cost 100$ on eBay. I owned 2 kinds and they suck. Then ruined in return shipping and I'm out the money. I'm running Amare tech Se-450's I vegged under the monos and now using both monos and cobs to flower and the plants are double the size compared to kind. Plus I had 2 k5's in a 5x6 area so that's double the recommended basically and the 3 Amare I have stretched out over 4x12 as they cover 4x4 each. It's honestly the best money I have spent in a long time and the warranty is real. 5 years and I know victor would have me a new one in a couple days. image.jpeg
    Very strange they were both damaged in the same exact spots when they arrived to kind. Maybe
    the reason they have so many refurbished lights for sale. My ups claims were denied cause they threw away the boxes. The working picture was after 2 weeks of use. I'd rather burn 1695$ than give it to these scumbags. image.png

    StoneyMcphatter Well-Known Member

    hope that doesn't happen to my mars hydro lights lol. But if ya think im gonna spend $1600 on a light yer more stoned than I am right now haha.
    Big smo

    Big smo Well-Known Member

    No I sure hope you don't that's why I'm telling people to beware. I did twice and regretted it ever since. Now they are in California somewhere and I have no money.

    St1kybudz Well-Known Member

    Don't skimp on lights your garden is only as good as the light source I've been growing outdoor and with 400z for a few years and I've seen multiple led grows with substandard flowers that have poor potency recently helped set up for a backer who had the coin to drop on a solar storm 880 with uvb suplementary light and the buds are tighter denser and covered in more trichombs than ever the only reason we went with the solar storm over the bml or fluence spyder 1200s was the uvb wich is scientifically proven to boost potency you won't regret dropping 1-2.5 k on a light that's just a half p of primo buds it's not anything but worth it it will pay for itself on your first turn around
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    Big smo

    Big smo Well-Known Member

    I'm with ya on that one. From a few months ago using shit kind LEDs to now I have 3000 wall watts of the finest led light available. The difference is unreal.

    St1kybudz Well-Known Member

    Watt leds u running...... fingers crossed can he tell me about those fine ass black dogs

    Dopaw13 Well-Known Member

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    Uberknot Well-Known Member


    Dopaw13 Well-Known Member

    i was thinking like a power bank for phones i dont need it very often very humid here so just every once in a while for veg i really need to get a dehumidifier for drying/flower.
    Dr_Bud Growswell

    Dr_Bud Growswell New Member

    Has anyone used ? They have a really stellar price on the Phantom CMH setups. I have heard some good and bad things while checking them out. Really wanted to hear from someone who has dealt with them before. Thanks in advance.

    Tsanders Member

    I was just fixing to ask the same question. There prices are killer.. but looking at there facebook. I kinda scared to order from them. I talked to them and they sounded cool. But who knows

    WeedMan74 New Member

    When I need me some cannabis seeds my go to place is always HerbiesHeadShop they are definitely the best.

    rob333 Well-Known Member

    depends if u have a vpn blocker and a good anti virus ill send u to some awesome places to shop

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    They have been solid and helpful, have a sister site for business type lighting. Dealt with them many times. I
    Freddie Millergogo

    Freddie Millergogo Well-Known Member

    What are you using now Bro? Solar Storm or Fluence?
    Big smo

    Big smo Well-Known Member

    image.jpeg I'm using Amare technologies 3 se-450's, 2 pro-4's and a ton of DIY
    Big smo

    Big smo Well-Known Member

    I'm sure you figured it out by now but I just checked and you bought a humidifier not a dehumidifier

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