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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by mane2008, Sep 2, 2008.


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    hey man just go to walmart get you those neoprene knee pads they are like 3 bucks you can make a shit ton on 1 inch inserts.
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    dude why would you ever buy seeds that arent in the breeders packs? F that, i would never do that do ever! you have no idea if those are the true seeds or not. go to neptune seed bank or seedsherenow . legit breeder packs, no customs and even the security seals from the breeder are still there.

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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    TBH, I started a fair time ago now and can tell you that I have as much or more
    confidence in the beans that I get from Attitude as I have gotten from any other site.

    What I am saying is that I have bought way, way too many breeds from them that
    I knew what to expect before the purchase, and that grew into the plant that I expected,
    to start worrying now.

    I get an HSO Blue Dream, or a DNA Sour Tangie, and they are just so very much like
    the plants that I know to expect.

    I have had an occasional germination rate issue enough to make me worry about old beans
    before, but never with Attitude.

    But I understand what you are saying. They package these things like they do for a reason.

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    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    Any idea of any state-side bank has hso blue dream on hand? Really want to give it a go .
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    nicksol86 Well-Known Member

    The single seed centre is where I buy all my seeds. Never any problems. Good reputation and good company with lots of choices

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