Beware "SEED BANK" - for they are crap


They screwed me over on some seeds a few years ago and I left some bad reviews (they were under another name then). Accidentally ordered again, they rushed out some "wonderful purple". Of 5 seeds, only 1 variety will get you high, the others are crap. I guess they sent some CBD seeds and thought that would be funny. Come to TN-we will be waiting - seriously DO NOT BUY from these amateurs-several months to find out..................>:(
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All your posts are just about dissing that place. Seems legit.

[edit] It's so freaking strange, so many new (or inactive) accounts that come here and only post how they were scammed, then fuck off never to be heard from again? Like why the fuck are these people not even doing research on basic things before buying? "I bought random no brand seeds from a random place and didn't get three kilos of 32% OUGII KOOSH?!!1"
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Crop King is now Seed King - guess they had to change the name from all of the complaints
Crop King is it's own entity. Where are you getting that it's Seedking? Is the Crown throwing you or something?

I've grown Jack Herer Auto's and Lambs Bread Auto from CKS which both turned out fantastic for a new grower. Just picked up Super Silver Haze and Kings Bread Auto's the day you posted this thread. Where are you getting this info?