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    Nizza Well-Known Member

    So, ive got this stuff called biobizz premix, cant find any technical data on it except

    "Biobizz Pre-Mix, 5 L. Biobizz Pre-Mix is a dry fertilizer comprised of 100% natural ingredients derived from organic matter, rock meal and trace elements. This microbially active blend was formulated to guarantee vigorous growth, abundant flowering, and maximum resistance to disease and fungal attack."

    "Happy Frog Ingredients: Composted forest humus, sphagnum peat moss,perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, humic acid (derived from Leonardite), oyster shell and dolomite lime (for pH adjustment)."

    I've also bought some powdered myco's
    Now i just wanted some input on what people would do to mix all this together and what i should go out and get to add it it; my aim is to do compost teas for feeding them eventually with this amended soil, for some type of super soil. i have no clue what ratios to do.

    i was thinking of stuff like... powdered aloe extract, kelp meal, neem meal, lime(which kind?, bat guano, and worm castings. Any input is greatly appreciated! TY

    I want to add i never have cooked soil or anything like that but i have looked into it a bit

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    Please I know there are guides on specific mixes for super soil, but I was hoping someone could help me formulate with what I've got here and hopefully just a couple more things so I can get more onto organic growing.
    I am now in the works of building a worm farm so I can harvest my own castings

    And I think the npk ratio on the pre mix is .7-.7-1.2

    Nizza Well-Known Member


    Nizza Well-Known Member

    hmm.. losing faith.. bump

    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    Hey man. Sorry I didn't see this before!

    I would mix that biobizz at like 3 cups per cubic foot of base mix (7.5gal). It should be a complete fertilizer from the sounds of it.

    your base mix should be 1 part peat moss (or .25 coco and .75 peat), 1 part compost (malibu's, EWC, any good compost), and 1.25 parts drainage (pumice, scoria which is red lava rock, biochar, diatomite rocks). A blend of drainage materials is nice but not required. avoid perlite because it has a very low CEC chemical property, and it floats like crazy which is annoying.

    dust roots with mycos at transplant, or if you're starting seeds, in a starter mix sprinkle the mycos in the hole and then drop your seed into it. and it never hurts to re-inoculate with mycos at all transplants.

    the other ingredients you listed, pick up the kelp, neem meal, and also some insect frass. i'd buy a couple aloe plants and just start growing those rather than getting the powder. fresh is best. they grow fast and require very little attention or inputs.

    i dislike that people are using the term "cook" the soil, and i hope i start seeing that go away lol. you are inoculating the soil with organisms and allowing them time to make it stable.

    so mix all base ingredients together (pre-moisten the peat and/or coco and rinse all drainage materials prior to mixing), add your 3 cups of biobizz and mix all that up, water it lightly with a very aerated compost tea and leave it to rest for a few weeks. I use a compost tumbler to mix my soil up and let it rest in there. just moisten it lightly after mixing, you already pre-moistened the starting components.

    save the other ingredients for topdressing throughout the grows.

    hope that helps man. Cheers :peace:
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    Nizza Well-Known Member

    well, when the soil "cooks" its because the organisms create so much heat that it sterilizes and kills off any dormant larvae and stuff right? this is one huge reason id like to cook some soil, the other reason is just being an organic grower with no bottled crap!
    dude i really appreciate the input. I'm going to start a worm bin soon and now some Aloe plants :)
    thanks so much for pointing me in a good direction, i'd really love to go veganic eventually but for now i just wanna get rid of all the bottles!!
    WOOT here i go! Any more input will be greatly appreciated !
    as far as an aerate material instead of perlite, how do you think growstones would work? I guess they are a little more airy than perlite and dont float

    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    You’re referring to a thermal compost pile regarding cooking. Making a batch of soil does not create much heat at all, if any, and isn’t a thermophillic process of sterilizing or seed killing. But what it does do is let your aerobic buddies outcompete any anaerobic ones and give you that nice earthy aerobic smelling soil :)

    Good luck with your ventures and feel free to contact with any other questions

    And regarding the veganics, just stay away from blood meals and guanos and you should be happy with the results and not feel like you should not be around your fertilizers :) but if that’s your goal, hey more power to ya!

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