Blueberry 5 weeks into flower

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    Lrn2Yield Active Member

    Good day folks!

    Been growing this blueberry for a few months now and it's finally starting to show some reward.

    Vegged for 5 weeks, and been in flower now just over 5 weeks.
    Followed lucas formula, in promix soil. Added in some bud candy start of flower.

    I also had a blue dream which unfortunately I lost. Upsetting.

    This is my first ever grow, so besides the loss of the blue dream I thought has gone fairly well. Not sure what the final yields will be, but regardless looking forward to smoking some of my own bud.


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    GrowGorilla Well-Known Member

    Looking good buddy. Congrats of your first crop. It's very rewarding!
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    Lrn2Yield Active Member

    Thanks GG!

    Very rewarding. I'm not a patient person by any means, but have learned patience is key when it comes to growing. Already looking forward to my second go around.

    Lrn2Yield Active Member

    IMG_3092.JPG IMG_3093.JPG IMG_3094.JPG Blueberry @7 weeks. Getting closer.

    Another two weeks you think guys ?
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    BRANDON77 Well-Known Member

    looking good, yeah in 2 weeks check trichomes
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    northrengrows Member

    hairs all looking perfect at 7 weeks in i have a purple train-wreck pheno by: HSO seeds that looks like this it normally takes 9-10 weeks just keep a eye on trics and swelling.

    Looking really good man keep up the good work!
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    BMWEATER Well-Known Member

    It's hard being patient when you are new to growing, I remember the first few grows I would check on the girls every hour-- I was amazed at what was happening. BTW as others have pointed out, very good job for your first grow! You will have some quality smoke based on what I can see
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    Lrn2Yield Active Member

    I'm quite happy with the progression so far. I haven't run into many huge problems, but I have been noticing some browning of the edges/tips of some of the leaves. I thought possible Cal def, but have been feeding with cal-mag on and off for the past few weeks. This issue seems to have popped up later on into flower.

    I've been very impatient, and like you BMWEATER when you first started, have been checking in on them a lot. More so to just look and watch them. I was told by someone when I first started that it's very easy to over-love MJ plants. So i've been trying the KISS protocol lol.

    Would you guys suggest I look much further into the browning tips/edges the buds seem to be doing what they're supposed to regardless. I've been feeding 0/8/16 micro/bloom, had used some bud candy up until week 5 and have been supplementing Cal-mag for a majority of the last feedings. Usually every 3 days is what the plants seem to like like most.

    Another picture added, but I made sure to get it before the HPS turned on. Awfully hard to get a sensible picture with HPS running.

    Thanks guys,

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    northrengrows Member

    Just from the 2nd picture of the fan leafs they have abit of droop to them aswell there are so many things that can cause issues and they all look similar. this could be a temp problem ph problem or over watering. also some strains just do funny things at end of flower the plant is putting all its energy into trying to get pollinated aka growing more flowers.

    Imo this late into flower let thoes buds swell and then cut em down when ready! "We farm buds not fan leaves"

    Lrn2Yield Active Member

    Day 60 from start of 12/12.

    Should I let her go one more week you guys think? I don't have a powerful enough scope to see the trichs.

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    GroErr Well-Known Member

    She looks great bud, but she has 2 weeks, possibly a bit more to go. Those white hairs around the buds need to go brown/redish and curl to properly ripen.
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    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Yes 2 more weeks! Your white pistils need to orange up and receed back into the bud some. Good job btw!
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    Lrn2Yield Active Member

    Thank you guys!

    I knew she needed atleast a week more , but I'll go with 2 as both of you guys have mentioned.

    Yes she's coming along good , actually very rewarding to see it all come together for a first timer.

    To flush or not to flush is the next thing lol

    Cheers fellahs.
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    onionslinger Well-Known Member

    Nice grow, bud!

    Im curious how youve found the blueberry response to nutrients. Ive heard theyre not always receptive and there seems to be a lttle burn on yours.

    I'm hitting 35 days tomorrow on a couple blueberries myself. I had to flush one out yesterday ..only 2:1 water/pot ..because of this:


    Soon as i switched over to bloom i switched over from a GH liquid nute feed to a GH granular (Maxibloom) 5-14-15 i believe and its been nothing but trouble since. And my ph is going in at 6.5 and coming out at 6.0 in promix. Can only assume its nutes even at 1/2 ratio. Anyway, im not here to hijack. But i am curious how your blueberry had responded to nute uptake.

    Its a lovely and full plant with a lot of flower already. i dont think ill get the yield potential but i want to keep the girl alive..


    BMWEATER Well-Known Member

    Look at you! Great grow. As others said go a bit longer. Worst case you go over you get some super Stoney weed no biggie

    Kronickeeper Well-Known Member

    2 weeks minimum maybe 3

    Lrn2Yield Active Member

    Hey Onion ,

    This is my first grow, so it's very new to me but regarding my blueberry and nutrient uptake I'll try to explain to the best of my abilities.

    I grew both blueberry, and a blue-dream which I believe is blueberry genetics eh? I found them to be picky, but I'm not so sure it was nutrients that they was picky about? Right from the first few weeks, it always seemed difficult to keep everything green. The tips, and and the outer edges always wanted to seem to brown up. Both of them always had the curled down tips like that and I could never figure out what was causing it?

    I ended up losing my Blue Dream, but anyway. I started to feed my blueberry about 3 weeks into veg, followed lucas formula and she seemed to love it. I ran it at 5-10 micro/bloom, until i switched 12/12. I flushed the pot once I believe. The browning of the tips and edges continued but it never seemed to get worse when feeding nutes?

    I actually haven't been PH'ing my water. I only had access to a shitty 3-1 thing that checks pH/light/wetness from Home Depot, and I questioned it's accuracy right off the get go. I tried a couple times to get my tap water to 6.5 using that device and when I fed the plants with the PH'd water it almost seemed to get worse?

    Well fast forward until now, 60 days into flower .. and I have upped my nutes from 5-10 to 8-16 .. and I never noticed the browning getting any worse until later on into flower. I actually posted a picture in the plant trouble forums, and they said it looked like a cal def. I have since ordered cal-mag, and have been feeding every couple of waterings with this in the formula and it hasn't exactly cured it but the browning is less for sure. I didn't want to up my cal-mag feeding much more then it was, to see if it would completely cure it or not just in case.

    My plant seems to be thriving regardless though, and I just look at the brown spots as life experience haha. I could never completely cure it, and have been told that blueberries can be finicky as fuck when it comes to this subject. I question sometimes, had I completely cured the browning would my grow be going better? But at this point, I just deal with it lol.

    I just smoked a few bubblers, so I hope I didn't fuck up to bad and that this can be of some help to you. I'm sure many more experienced guys could help you more then I though.

    If a bit of stony weed is all I have to worry about, then I'm lightyears ahead of where I figured I'd be at 14 weeks ago! lol
    Thanks bud, I'm going to keep it going another few weeks. Will keep you guys updated for sure.

    Lrn2Yield Active Member



    All milky ?? Showing a tiny bit of Colour as well I think.
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    Lrn2Yield Active Member

    Struggling to keep her leaves green and healthy but she's being a pain in the arse.

    Buds look about ripe thou ?

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    Lrn2Yield Active Member

    Chopping as we speak.

    Most of the plant is hung up there now. A few more small stems to go up.

    I put that cola on a scale , and about the last third of it was resting on something and weighed 157g wet. Don't know about over all yet.

    Any guess on total dry weight ??

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