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    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    Ok honestly it could be grower error. I've just had my one year anniversary and I'm just getting things dialed in. I don't think I've given either strain a fair shake so I'll run them again. I have clones and more seeds of each.
    I grew a ssdd that was pretty good but not a keeper. So far the purple wookie is the strongest I've found and tasty too. The stem rub made me sneeze every time in flower.
    Id say you can't go wrong with anything you get.

    luv2grow Well-Known Member

    I'd kill for a 5x5 right now lol. I have two 7x7 skeletons framed, not sealed yet just check my sig to take a look.
    You want to trip out on something? Look at my 100w fixture I'm running for a sexing run. It cracks me up every time i look at it.But I could use this fixture to make a bad ass Led strip tent light. Just not gonna be done for this run.

    Technically it's only 74 watts at the moment. But I'm committed to finishing with this. If all goes bad I'll grab one of the 600's laying around and get crazy heat fan loud in a 2x2.

    luv2grow Well-Known Member

    I feel this way after.. shit 11 years at it. I'm the same just keep going at it one cycle at a time.
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    strayfox gear

    strayfox gear Well-Known Member

    Hope everyone is off to a great start this summer..

    Purple unicorn (b cut) starting to stack

    j.t.1986 Well-Known Member

    just spotted a couple of amber trichs on one of my space monkey's yesterday.. mostly milky on the other. gonna be giving only water now until sunday or monday (day 55/56 of 12/12).. im gonna do a staggered harvest since my canopy is pretty thick. will get pics before the chop.

    also got my GLG order yesterday, and my wonderful ssdd tee shirt... also a sweet bad dawg freebie, blackberry banana kush x LBL .... so many temptations for next round now:weed::lol:
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    Freedom farmer 420

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    Well I got a dilemma, I have two flower rooms one actually a 4x8 tent but anyways the tent is just getting started their were 10 plants in all 6 turned out to be female and 4 males I put the males in my other flower room because they can't do any harm in there. I'm about to chop all the ladies in there in about a week or so so the males can't really do no harm plus they are not mature enough. I'm thinking of letting them have that room so I can choose a stud male for breeding let them go an see who is the best of the bunch but on the other hand I'd like to fill that room with clones ughhh!!!!! Decisions decisions
    Freedom farmer 420

    Freedom farmer 420 Well-Known Member

    Man she is lookin amazing
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    apbx720 Well-Known Member

    You could flower the males in there, halfway thru kick out the non keepers, put desired female mama back in to get seeded by the remaining keeper male?
    Freedom farmer 420

    Freedom farmer 420 Well-Known Member

    Well I really just wanna pollinate one branch on a couple ladies that way I have all the seeds I need and still can have plenty of smoke too but thnx for the recommendation appreciate it
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    MoonTang420 Well-Known Member

    Couple additions to addiction

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    Freedom farmer 420

    Freedom farmer 420 Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to see u get them lucky charms x wookie poppin
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    MoonTang420 Well-Known Member

    Il tell ya man there's been a serious damper on shit I'm in the process of building a new room much larger than ever so I got a 9x5 tent and two other rooms a little bigger to mess around in but lord I can. Not wait for my room to be done

    MoonTang420 Well-Known Member

    Putting 12 de gavitas big ac conden the whole 9 gonna be top notch room

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    numberfour Well-Known Member

    Purple Sunshine

    Puple Sunshine.JPG

    Was kindly gifted these beans recently, popped 6, got 5, row on left.

    MoonTang420 Well-Known Member

    Nice brother can't wait to pop mine but that's still a lil bit I gotta pop these new testers
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Just recived my purple sunshine yesterday. Together with Sunshine 4 blessing, and some other beans :) SBFH had a friendly support!
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    Freedom farmer 420

    Freedom farmer 420 Well-Known Member

    Sweet can't wait to see what they do
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    ray098 Well-Known Member

    Ss#4 5 weeks from 12/12 CAM00488.jpg CAM00487.jpg CAM00486.jpg
    Freedom farmer 420

    Freedom farmer 420 Well-Known Member

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