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    luv2grow Well-Known Member

    Best of luck to all of you in the shit zone of this storm. Stay safe!
    We can always help ya get your plants back up and rolling if it comes down to it.

    GrowGorilla Well-Known Member

    Got another pack of Dank Sinatra today. I want my money back, it only came with 11 seeds! :lol:
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    jerryb73 Well-Known Member

    I've only got 1 in flower atm cuz I had a male breakout, 6 vegging. I live northeast Fl. I'm not in as much trouble as S Fl. For sure.

    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    Has anybody kept a more cowbell for mother or was this line a dud to most people? I plan to breed with my keeper and I have yet to master growing her, she needs extra veg time that's for sure, very low yielding as of now.... buds are super dense and very resiny, nice black pepper smell to it. Not that special honestly but I want to see if I can unlock something special via making seeds with her. I like her lineage ....
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    @Cletus clem ran her & did very well, so much to the point that i searched & bought a pack on impulse...

    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    I really like how super fast she is, I ve had to take her down at day 40 because of pest pressure and she was still ready enough to have nice bag appeal. I really want to make a point of taking her to day 55-60 but so far even at day 45 she s decent, only low yield. I have one going right now she s gonna be massive and I think the yield will be there finally...

    luv2grow Well-Known Member

    Alright. A update. Both in the tent are looking a bit short on production even after straight pumping em up. Which they took very well. Think it's the pheno's because the smoke from each of them is fantastic. The circle is in love with them already. So that being said they get another run with the blood oranges. Unfortunately or fortunately the Bloods are making me think I have two boys. But we shall see. If that is the case, I'm going to let that tent go ah natural :hump::hump::hump:
    Goji First 16 days to go and starting the fade
    goji 1.jpg
    three headed goji.jpg

    Now my mini LT's I'm in LOVE with this Smoke. But the production she has is sub par. Which is completely fine except everyone is grabbing her up so fast I get jealous.
    lt frost.jpg

    Oh!!!!!! Need some help. Got it narrowed down to five from 28. I need to get to 2.... we all know this pain in the ass dilemma.
    Heavenly HP
    Mountain Temp
    Cluster funk
    Sunshine 4
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    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    I popped quite the pack, 7 females, at least 5 phenos. Im currently down to 3 phenos, a couple of which have some decent yield potential. How many did you pop? Theres quite a bit going on with the f1s.
    Sounds to me like you have this pheno?
    One of the other phenos i flowered with this one was a smaller plant in a smaller pot and yielded the same. IMG_1139.JPG these plants both yielded about 2oz. There are yielders to be had, just gotta find em and train em right. Topping will not promote side branching, lst may help but i prefer to pinch the 2 fan leaves off of each top over the canopy as soon as they open enough to do so as well as lollipopping. You dont need to be very agressive with your lollipopping as even the yielders will give you alot of nice popcorn nugs (not larf, but dense popcorn sized nugs) look for ones that stack nicely as thats how youll get yield.
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    Flowering out 3 goji raspberry x ssdd testers , they are female

    And 3 lemon g x Wookie testers , these haven't fully shown sex yet

    I have 5 other non bodhi plants in here.

    I will get better individual shots later!

    Stay Safe east coast, some crazy times we are in.


    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen him around in a lil while but @Angus Hung is doing a 300-400 pheno hunt and seek mission.
    The lone female I ran a few months back was fantastic smoke. Had a rich chocolate shortbread cookie smell and taste. I tried to reveg it but she didn't like it.
    I've since ran the second half of the pack looking for a better yielder myself.
    Got this one going now but she's leggy af
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    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    mine is very finicky, always the unhealthiest plant in veg room, granted I dont follow any sort of feeding regimen I just grow in compost. Once I transplant and move her to flower she green up and takes off. Super leggy, not a lot of bud sites, and the lower bud sites are growing the smallest buds you have ever seen.

    Another thing I dont like is it's hard to pluck the leaves without part of the stalk peeling. You really need scissor for the trim job which is definitely something I would try to breed out. I really hate this trait.

    After a few rounds, I finally manage to veg one a little better and I think I ll easily pull 4-8 oz from her but it took me a few rounds to get to know her.

    torontoke Well-Known Member

    first time my cabinet has been 100% all bodhi so I figured why not throw up a pic.

    Back row: field trip1,2, dank Sinatra, lucky charms at week 4-5
    Front row:dank Sinatra 3,4 space monkey, more cowbell IMG_3250.PNG And yes I know the lc has rust spots she's improving slowly

    Rosinallday Well-Known Member

    Mountain temple is my fav smoke right now and I have all of the above except heavenly HP to toke on.
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Space Monkeys at 47 days. Eye watering loudness. Cedar, lemon and Skunk all with fuely wiff. The super frosty one is quite pregnant from a a romp with brother. Narrow longish buds and leaves. These are louder than loud.
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    Philip-O Well-Known Member

    This is my organic soil Bodhi grow, which I´m about to flip into flowering. Goji OG and Jabba´s stash (+ a 707 headband feminized freebie). The "Goji 1" plant has been wanting to take over the tent since its first weeks, ang "Goji 2" is following close (same pheno? which one could it be). The Jabba was only topped once and not trained, and it looks like the yield is going to be way less than that of the other plants. The non Bodhi plant (HSO 707 headband) has been much less vigorous all along, although it sprouted two main stems!

    Last picture has a Jabba and Goji males. Even before switching to 12/12 these boys are loaded with balls. This week they are going to foster homes (friends who don´t smoke but like the plants), where I expect to make some F2 seeds. :fire:

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    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    The reason i havnt posted pics of my other phenos is my partner accidently flowered them before i could get over there to take cuts. They are taking soooooo long to come back around. I just got clones off of them that are going in dirt any day now so ill probably send the monster croppers back over to him and run the lemon lotus and 2 other more cowbells next run in my tents.

    luv2grow Well-Known Member

    MT it is then!
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    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    Strange Brew, Neroli 91, Elfinstone, Granola Funk

    just bought those, really stoked about finding some sweet skunk phenos and some skunk VA phenos hopefully. which one of those would be on top of your list?

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    I need to run my inbred Peak Seeds BC Sweet Skunk again. Love that plant and the buds are not super dense nor is it unusually frosty but damn, it's just so nice and a shade of green that can't be missed. Great for high activity!
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    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Granola funk
    Strange brew
    Would be my order fwiw

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