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    Just vaping SSDD and it has taken on an incredible taste/smell of imported hashish and skunky dankness. Was not loud until today. Still extremely relaxing but such a rush to the senses.

    torontoke Well-Known Member

    For anyone curious about the structure on the field trip...I'm happy to say that the floppy limbs have now turned into bamboo shoots. Seems to branch nicely with a few nips n tucks.

    Moderndayhippy Well-Known Member

    Neroli! I popped a pack last year my cat ate like 4 of the sprouts and then got one female out of 7 best plant I've ever grown imo. Checks every box yields well, has a great mix of smell from the two patents, taste carries through, and extremely potent. one of only two plants I have kept around for any significant time the other being my sunshine 4.

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    Love Triangle
    IMG_20170910_080840.jpg IMG_20170910_080737.jpg

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    @ GreenSanta next run mix your compost with perlite 1/3-1/2. Compost compacts down and is overly water retentive. I think you will see better results with a mix of perlite. It gives the compost structure and drainage.

    Jaybodankly Well-Known Member

    Just found a Gogi Male. I need some Gogi F1's.

    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    what is the difference between the lavender and the Appalachia? when I look on seedfinder both the Lavender and the Appalachia appear to have the same lineage, is the Wookie an Appalachia F2? or 3?

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    outdoor monkey

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    kona gold

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    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    Well, the blackberry kush from bag seed i had in with the big beautiful clusterfunk decided to get ballsy today (literally) so i killed the bitch. She was taking up 1/4 of my flowering space, mid week 3 so i had to shuffle some stuff around but its all going to work out just dandy. 100% bodhi in both my tents!!!!! I had 2 ASS that will shift over into tent 1 with the big ol CF, and tent 2 will be 4 more cowbells, all 3 remaining phenos!!! 2 #2s, 1 #1 and 1 #5. The 1&5 you guys havnt seen yet so thats cool! 5 reminds me alot of the now discarded #7(the purple one) only it stacks up into nice long colas. This is the one that may force me (oh darn) to keep 2 phenos. #1 from what i remember is similar to #2 but i dont have a clear memory as i took the moms from seed down with my partner at the main flower room, they were huge, 4', and we had 8 of them to take down so i did a quick scan, narrowed it down to 4 phenos and went cletus scissor hands. IMG_1276.JPG IMG_1277.JPG CF on the right, and her little baby conrad still holding it down
    IMG_0520.JPG This is #5. Though not as full as id like to see these colas are huge. I believe i can get these to fill out into some legit donkey dicks. Big greasy purple ones. IMG_0520.JPG
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    Is it a short indica dominant pheno? More a flat hat, than the sativa pheno spears? Great pain reducer? Will flip one of these today, but I like the sativa phenos more, with this lovely floral scent. I am always wondering, if that's it what you always talk about @apbx720 ?

    Purple Sunshine makes me sad! I popped 7 seeds so far, 2 males, 3 girls, which started to produce nanners week 2-3, and 2 more girls, where the next week will show more. I have grown them indoor and outdoor, no difference. Only stress is the soil, which is too hot for the Purple Sunshine. Every other strain is straving with my feeding, but she is mad even if I take rain water :D Lovely smell, but worst habits within this strain from my pov! Will pop the rest of the pack to get better numbers, but actually I am not happy! And the green pheno I harvested smells like a nice SSDD bud became bad =/

    Week 8-9
    IMG_0081.JPG IMG_0085.JPG

    I just had to kill one lady, 2 more under inspection, I already plugged single nanners...
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    Appy is green crack x tres dog by H&L and lavender is from Soma Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani Hawaiian

    Jaybodankly Well-Known Member

    IMG_2134.JPG Gogi pollen collection started. Nice sturdy branching on this stud. I use a piece of glass under to catch fallen pollen.

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    Hi all,

    I've been searching around for posts about snow temple (temple x snow lotus) without luck. got this as a freebie pack and really curious about it. I've popped a full pack of space monkey and a half pack of granola funk and have been extremely satisfied with the results. I'm trying to decide between planting the rest of the granola funk to get different phenos or the snow temple for a different strain. I'm leaning towards the snow temple based off the genetic diversity it would add to my garden. Would love some info/pictures of this strain if anyone has it. Thanks!

    Rosinallday Well-Known Member

    Snow Temple is great just grew 3 gals got them curing nicely. Easy to grow, sativa buds for sure and the flavor is A-1. SSH with electric watermelon...Lipsmacking goodness you won't be sorry.
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    Do you only have your intake on when lights are on therefore creating positive pressure? Plants smell whether your lights are on or off. Jesus your advice is scary.
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    I thought he was joking the whole time myself. If he was being serious well then.... bwahahaha :wall:
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    Dear God I had to scroll back after seeing the quoted post of yours above.. you need to stop talking and start learning.

    I guarantee he has his exhaust off during lights off:shock:
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    So you guys recommend 24/7 scrubbing? Not even turning it off during 15/min hour during the night or something like that. What about legal states?
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    I run 24/7. Legal state. I also have a passive intake, so this helps me regulate temp and humidity. My room was designed to function that way however.
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