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    My screen was looking really shabby, so I built a new one!
    So, on the left are Hindu Hash plants, on the right is SSDD (2 different girls each from seed). The HHP is looking really sturdy and well structured, as is the SSDD. There is also a Goji in there and a Space Monkey.
    My results with Goji were not great. All my phenos stretch like crazy and grow buds with a ton of spacing on the branch. Frosty as shit, but don't yield very well. I'm also not enamored with the Wolf Pack. I like the Space Monkey, but I think HHP and SSDD are going to outshine them all.
    Next up is Black Raspberry and Mountain Temple!

    Tstat Well-Known Member

    Here they come!

    OzCocoLoco Well-Known Member

    Dream Beaver looks like it might be the last one in the patch to finish

    greencropper Well-Known Member

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    Phone home is good-i will throw some pics up tonight when the sun comes on-i flowered her in a 3 gal cause i didnt know if was a female or male so she is a lil yellow for my liking but its my fault-getting fresh cut lime for a cold corona on the nose
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    Philip-O Well-Known Member

    Has anyone grown Super Snow Lotus? I planted 3 with my last batch, and they are really shining... Very uniform and running ahead of the pack. I wonder about the high and yield.
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    Here ya go bro-day 45 20180211_202008.jpg 20180211_201922.jpg
    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    I dunno man, if its anything like the appalachian superskunk, its on! I have a couple beans of it, a kind love gift from a fellow riu member. Saving them for a potential chuck should i get a male. Ass x ssl. Turn it into a project!
    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    Speaking of ASS, this ASS is looking especially greasy! This is the last of my #2 pheno, cant keep them all and the skunky funk of #4 could not be ignored. BAF05BB8-BDC6-4E3B-B389-670E1A24F96F.jpeg D712EC51-5B7F-4AB3-8403-6A9E11FAC168.jpeg

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    This looks almost identical to the one female I've seen from Phone Home so far... She stretched 2x at least with fox tail but solid buds, excellent smells and flavors. I've run her twice, but didn't clone her again, I still have at least a half pack that I will explore later.

    Bubby'sndalab Well-Known Member

    What kinda flavor profile did you get bro? Was it still like limes? Yea she started outta the gate lookin like a huge yielder so i will give her a proper run next round
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    My lone space monkey female day 16 of flower. Topped twice and this is from seed. All organic in a 3 gal pot. Sour power og from karma is looking kick ass too.

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    mr. childs

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    which makes me wonder how many packs of that malawi x artifact 1 were released.

    banditos701 Well-Known Member

    This just blows me away lol , respect to all of you growing such fine bud !!!!

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    Everybody's at 12 days flowering now,
    Purple wookies 20180212_152628.jpg
    Jhpx88g13's 20180212_152927.jpg 20180212_152911.jpg 20180212_152822.jpg

    Not much smell from the hash plants yet but the purple wookies have a very pleasant floral sweet smell.

    Ecafon Member

    They went out with the limited edition Supernatural Selections hoodie. I'm sure Mrs.B could give us an idea of how many were released.
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    QuestforKnowledge Well-Known Member

    i have the goji og, lemon lotus, an purple wookie I'm thinking the goji will be the biggest yielder but the purple wookie is rku x rku an the road kill skunk is a yielder do you have any experience with these strains or any ones knowledge would be appreciated
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    QuestforKnowledge Well-Known Member


    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    Purple wookie I would say is average for yields

    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    First time anything bodhi, I'll make sure to keep updating though, I haven't seen much info on the strains I'm running. Btw its purple wookie v2 not the first one.
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