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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    I apologize if ive missed stuff

    this thread is crazy long

    whats the word on the Bodhi loompa crosses?

    cocoon and lazy lightning

    anybody had any grow reports or reviews on these?

    this is the Bodhi dream lotus at 4.5 weeks into 12/12

    abodhi1.JPG abodhi2.JPG

    I also grew out the goji og but my phenotypes where low yielders so I didn't keep them...but crazy frosty tiny rock hard marbles

    QuestforKnowledge Well-Known Member

    what smells flavors did your goji have
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    shes in week 7 now

    sorry this is a shit picture with the lights on

    its incredibly frosty and sticky and likely some killer smoke


    man I don't have the best sniffer and the room is full of variety

    its not finished or cured

    but right now im getting some earthy mild lemon sour smells
    the smell it pungent with mild hints of earthy lemon and sour....reminds me slightly of the smell from the OGK#18 sour

    absolutely nothing sweet

    the node spacing is good and shes gorgeous in veg, she like likes low nutes not too much N

    but I didn't get much bud swell from her

    got her running one more time at week3 now so we will see if less heat in the soil helps, but I think its going to be about the same again honestly

    if yield is low on your list of priorities youd be damn pleased with it
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    its funny

    I had to come back to tell you

    since putting my nose on it and sniffing it

    I been walking around the past ten minutes trying to rub the stickiness off the tip of my nose


    jpdnkstr Well-Known Member

    citrus, but very funky as well.

    AbeFroman Well-Known Member

    This thread reminded me I have some old Wookie and Goji seeds I need to grow out.
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    i still enjoy this hobby, & every bodhi strain i have run has further helped me to learn why a good decision was made to choose him as my favorite bean guru. i am too lazy to take pics as often as i once did, but my admiration runs deep for the genetics he makes available to us all. this is the lone black triangle left in the tent of four girls, similiar height & branch structures, only true differences were in yield amongst the 4 of them. having an empty flower tent/growroom creates somewhat of a somber mood after chopping down what youve brought to fruition over the past 3 months, but the benefits of revegging & cuts following right behind lessen some of the sting. 20180212_162927.jpg 20180212_163440.jpg 20180212_163456.jpg
    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    Did you miss my response earlier in the thread? Theres potential for yield in all of them, alot of that is on you. Genetics provide the ceiling, the enviroment you provide will determine how close to that ceiling you get. These are f1s, alot of pheno variance. What you get? Dont know till you pop them. With no knowledge of your experience, setup, or goals, giving advice is a shot in the dark. Based on yield alone, id say goji would be your safest bet. Maybe not the biggest yielder, just great odds on a yieldy cut. What are you waiting for??? Just get some wet and dirty!!!!!
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    JohnGlennsGarden Well-Known Member

    More than likely grower error on this one. . .I left a door open. So today, I found nuts all over my beautiful arctic fallout#1 (chem91jbxsnowlotus) seed run. Too many to pluck. 20180213_060610.jpg If the cut roots, I'll run it in a few weeks.

    Bubby'sndalab Well-Known Member

    That sucks bro
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Keep a very close eye on things next time just to be sure.
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    Cured Space Monkey...gassy lavender...a real delight (:

    PZ2A9909.jpg PZ2A9911.jpg PZ2A9904.jpg PZ2A9912.jpg

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Love the Monkey! Nice specimen!

    McKringleberry Well-Known Member

    The lazy lightning grew like an OG; tall & lanky, rock hard buds with a slight citrus/earthy smell towards the end of flower. Chopped at day 63. After a two week cure the lemon/earth came out tenfold and so did the strength. All-in-all she was a nice smoke!

    im4satori Well-Known Member

    did you find diversity in the phenotypes or where they mostly the same?
    did you keep her in your garden and for how long, or will you buy those seeds again?
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    Highsince76 Active Member

    Nice monkey Lukio! That looks like some sticky wickedness for sure...
    I bet if you threw it against the wall it would stick. Good job!
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    McKringleberry Well-Known Member

    The two phenos I found were similar in structure and end product, but bear in mind, I only popped a few seeds and kept the best two females. I didn't run through the entire pack so I can't comment on diversity. I will say that it was unlike any Headband cross I've grown. I wanted gassy/fuel/citrus, but ended up with mostly lemon after the cure. I'll run the rest of the pack at some point, but I don't think I will buy another pack. But don't let that stop you! It was excellent, strong smoke that my friends and I loved!

    Side Note: The Loompa's Headband isn't the typical OG x Diesel cross. Loompa renamed their "Headband" to Underdawg after they realized their cut wasn't Headband, as the story goes.
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    im4satori Well-Known Member


    the story goes something like that I know

    I got some of loompas new gear going....just 6" tall at the moment so to soon to report

    im4satori Well-Known Member


    im4satori Well-Known Member


    hoping these throw somethings I can use for this seasons breeding project

    ive heard good things about the SSDD?? yes??

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