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    GreenTools Well-Known Member

    That one is my guava hashplant keeper.
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    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

    oh SSDD why do you hate your life? why do you hate me? you droop before i water you,you droop after i water're happy for like one day.i'm afraid to do a little pruning on you as unhappy as you already seem.maybe im just not man/grower enough for you?just make it to harvest before i stress you into growing a pecker.long ways off...21 days since 12/12 flip

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    I flip the clones in order to sex the vegging ( to be determined moms and dads). A lot of people say that they show after a certain number of days but from my experience or bad luck it doesn’t happen. At least not fast enough. If they’re female then I reveg the clone and flower out the mother.
    Swamp Thing

    Swamp Thing Well-Known Member

    Here you go...
    Straight from the man himself

    Sounds exactly like I thought it would per his description of the mother.

    jamaican bush hashplant (heirloom) collected early 2000’s…

    perfect example of a modern hybrid caribean heirloom. looks like an old dutch hashplant and an island sativa shacked up together. I’ve found more indica expressions in the line, but the sativa ancestry pops out sometimes too. beautiful, large, hearty, majestic plant with tropical fruit and spiced rum aromas, nice potent hybrid effect, 9-10 week…
    Swamp Thing

    Swamp Thing Well-Known Member

    I had flowers w that same trait in another Wookie cross, the Sakura (katsu bubba x Wookie15) may be a trait in the male.
    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    Mango Hashplant so far is a beast!!
    Early veg, but outgrowing everything else!
    Beautiful smells ranging from mangos and spicy hash.
    Very old school exotic.
    Getting excited!!

    SonsOfAvery Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear this!! I grabbed a pack a couple month back, definitely going to be popping some this year.
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    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    Thanks homie. Thats what my process is going to be then. I tried going by sex organs once, and I ended up having a plant herm on me and it kind of fucked up my trust in my judgement on sexing them. In the middle of building my aero cloner thingy right now.
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    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

    i built a bubbler cloner with airstones and a cheap aquarium airpump.not saying one is better than the other.ime,the bubbler = less parts,less moving parts,easier clean up,cooler water.just my with the build
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    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    I beleive that is the route I am going. I got my tub, drilled all my holes. Going to get baskets today. Do I need both the baskets AND the 2'' clone collars? or just one or the other? and I plan to build the pvc frame bubbler for it, with the little jet valve thingies screwed in. making a trip to the hydro store today.
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    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

    you're building more of an aerocloner than a bubbler if youre using spinner heads and a submersible pump i gather.i used aquarium stones and an airpump that sits outside of the cloner.i'll pm you some pics.

    space is my biggest issue.i started with a small cloner tub with a decent sized pump water got way too hot.aerocloners are great in the right bubbler just runs way cooler without a pump heating up the water.
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    OzCocoLoco Well-Known Member

    Starting to gather a few beans for the next outdoor season,grabbed these from Shoe @headiegardens.

    SensiPuff Well-Known Member

    I've grown a couple of the appy crosses but never the snow lotus crosses. Can anyone describe what the snow lotus passes on to most progeny? Smell/high

    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    Like this?

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    SonsOfAvery Well-Known Member

    Starting to get a great mix of smells coming from my tent now at week 5 (7 strains in a 4X4 haha).

    Because I wanted to do some breeding (pollen chucking) with these Soulmates I decided to name my phenos of the 2 males I took pollen from.
    and being a big (understatement!) fan of Outkast, I called them Andre (A) and Big Boi (B). Funnily enough, Big Boi was the shorter stockier plant of the two.
    The remaining 4 females that I started flowering similarly matched the two male phenos I had 2xA & 2xB females.

    Pheno A (Andre)

    Pheno B (Big Boi)
    The Pistils on the B pheno are really starting to turn, i'd say about 20% already orange, not even close to that with pheno A.

    Pheno B is showing quite a coat of frost already too!

    0letdown Well-Known Member

    For the dude asking about Goji OG for sale. Noticed GLG put a couple more pack up today as well as a few more Mother's Milk.

    OrganicGorilla Well-Known Member

    Already gone if they were there

    jayblaze710 Well-Known Member

    I saw them too it was only one pack. Also a couple packs of Silver Mountain. Probably unpaid for packs that were put back up.
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    517BlckBerry Well-Known Member

    Oh My God... Bodhi is a God among men... I want to test those beans some day. Legendary crosses.. True medicine. Thanks for posting this here. Salute to all the good breeders
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    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    I think I got the one that was on there. I was like, hey goji, thank you. I agree probably an unpaid restock.

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