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This year I finally ran Bodhis Nigerian landrace in dep. Took 2 years to find and test for a good clone. Skunky! A tote of this bucked smells like roadkill skunk. Great taste, more asphalty sulfury than skunky. Good washer too, 8-12% yeild in roz. Not very powdery mildew resistant, so great for summertime deps.


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Greetings Bodhi Fam!
Wanted to share a picture update of the Vietnamese x Afghan, a clone from the original test seeds.
The Veitnamese #7 puts out some amazing results. She provides strong, sticky, abundant flowers outdoors. Inside she produces too, just have been getting foxtails. Still smokes good but not as strong as the sungrown.
Here are some top colas from a small plant grown outdoors.
W/ flash
Happy Danksgiving everyone! Wishing you all a safe, healthy & grateful day- today and every day. :peace:

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No one said it was canceled. We have all had to wait on the mail before. LOL

Just a heads up. It looks like we will have our Bodhi Medicine Mountain,Sativa Research Center Drop tomorrow as soon as the mail runs.
It is not at my post office but it is less than 7 miles from my house. Fingers crossed we will drop them tomorrow after noon. Sorry for the delay.

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It's that last fuckin mile that kills ya lol


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2 Pinball Wizards down at 66 days. Both on plus sid3 of average size and plenty of branches to train. Very sticky and sweet spice and complex smells today. Lots of well formed trykes that are on long stems. Leaves are narrow and both were dropping yellow leaves going up the bud. Some purple on the bigger one. Big Squamish buds on one and the other's buds more slender. 80% cloudy, 20 amber.
Been fun to grow with LST and harsher training. These plants like and need more N than most in early flower. Will report on effect next month.

Just up potted 5 Guava Wookie in veg. All have wide leaves and each a little bigger than the other until the biggest is twice the size of the smallest. Seem to be healthy, one is a twisted mutant I will ride with for a while yet.

Space Monkey f2 in the Vapor Genie Aluminum has me grinning!


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AFAIK that's it for today? I haven't seen any talk of more things coming today here or on OG or IG (always possible there was a restock that went unmentioned).