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    RafaelMe New Member

    Hello ya all ,i am a total noob enjoying the journeys !

    I have 4 girls in coco-perlite -zeolite (waterfeed ph 5.8)are just fed with 230ppm organic notes (cana)
    for the second time in their lives .
    2xC99 Northern Lights ,back 2xC99 (Cindy,cinderella)

    I have recently started making bokashi fermented organic soil (beneficial bacteria) for my house plants
    using bananas (potassium) ,pumpkin seeds(magnesium, zinc, potassium, and iron)
    and coffee (2 percent nitrogen,magnesium, potassium) among Coco,perlite 25% ,zeolite 5% and mycoz.
    After the second soil fermentation ,soil tester shows a very rich in ppm 's soil around 2500 ppm .
    Compost tea can go more than 4000ppm .
    As you guess i am planning to use it with our lovely plants as well .

    When i ppm's a waterfeed i.e. around 1000ppms ,this stabilises in soil at 500 ,when water stabilises .
    When i am testing my bokashi organic soil ppm ,it remains constant for weeks just with water .

    How many ppms bokashi soil (assuming p n k is correct) ,
    is it safe to use in young 2-3 weeks old cannabis plants ?

    Is there any ppm chart available for organic soil and teas ppm feed ?

    Is it safe i.e. to go with 400 ppm soil when transplant from a cup to 1 gal ?

    Can i also feed organic nutes (canna vega) to the soil and compost tea every week to keep bacteria active?

    Thank you all in advance !

    psychedelicdaddi Well-Known Member

    Idk about no dang ppm but a usual bokashi tea at that age is 1L bokashi and 5Gal water. Same with compost tea ya know?

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