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    When I was getting amendments for my new no till garden the guy gave me a pound of bokashi to try out. How do I use this to see if it works? Top dress half the bed or make a tea or what?

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    For plants:

    Top dress and water it into soil with labs / em1 or plain water. . Cover with mulch. After rhe mycelium layer develops, pull back mulch and top dress compost and / or castings. 1 part imo 1 part carbon. Then top the mulch back on.

    If you have worms in your soil, they love it.

    You can also brew tea's with bokashi.

    For cooking soil or compost bin or pile:

    Top dress and lightly water in. After mycelium layer develops. Turn soil or compost.

    You can also just mix it into your soil mix 1/2 cup per cu. ft.

    Worm bins:

    Light sprinkle then spray with water. A few days later worms should be going nuts over it.
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    That's exactly what I needed. So there isnt much point in doing half my bed to see if there is a difference from one side to the other?
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    I'm interested in starting a bokashi bucket. Can anyone suggest a good DIY bucket, or is it easier just to buy one? They seem a little pricey.
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    I used two buckets. Drill holes in one bucket and set it inside the other. Make sure to layer the food waste and bokashi flakes. Fill the bucket all the way, cover with plastic wrap and press it with something heavy. If you can fill more food in it then do so now. Once it’s full put the lid on and put it away.
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    So you wait until it's full, squish it down and seal the lid, correct?
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    No point. The whole bed will still get all the same microbes and minerals. If you have 2 separate beds then you can do a comparison. You are going to end up using it anyway. Then if you get into ferments you might end up making your own bokashi.
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