Brisco's Bargain Beans

Amos Otis

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2 topanga bananas and 2 kelly maxwell's, little experiment I got going, not flower shots but seedlings are cute too. The one kelly just broke soil this morning the others are about 3 days old. Thanks for the affordable beans @Amos Otis, first time purchase and first grow in many years
It's a pleasure, amigo, and big thanks to Paul for stocking beans that won't wreck your budget. Welcome back to the grower community.


Amos, just rustled up the last of the Sweet Dixie at Paul's Ranch. Y'all keep up the good work!
Can't stop me if you've heard it but I'm leaving this here.

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Can someone please direct me to where I can find the Brisco bargain seeds for a browse through and do they ship to UK?


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I got mine at DC seed exchange. I'm not sure about international shipping policies.
Would have give them a try for a change but DCS has stopped overseas shipping which includes the UK.

Not overly keen on USA strains because they always come with a silly exaggerated price tag but Brisco Beans are very reasonably priced and look very nice.

I was after some fems but after contacting @Amos Otis and reading the DSC shipping policies it looks like I won't be able to get my hands on any seeds.

Bit of a bummer but never mind.

Thanks @Amos Otis for your contact and info.

Personally I'd just stick 5 fems in the post, person to person and be happy for the international attention but that's me. Like bud buddies do everyday on here with seeds and clones.

It's really fine though, I do get the complications involved.

Thanks again


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