Bubba kush and train wreck in a 5x5 tent

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    I am going to be growing train wreck and bubba kush. The big plant in the back is my bubba kush mother and the rest of the babies are all train wreck. I will be pulling out two train wreck babies for mothers as well, leaving me with 3 mothers and 25 plants to be grown in the tent and harvested.
    I am using 1:1 promix HP and the blue sky organics soil mix. I am running the entire diablo nutrients linr at a ph of 6.5. (Feed:organic water:half feed).
    These were just transplanted on Friday night but were vegging for a week prior to that. I will be flipping to 12/12 after week 3 of veg. Still unsure if I will do a scrog or not. I don't like the idea of not being able too move the plants but i don't really want to do tomatoe cages. Will be playing it by ear.


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    What happened to the grow? I love Bubba kush.

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