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    kgp Well-Known Member

    first off.. If you don't like swerve or cali connection, thats cool. I ask that you keep your hate and opinions somewhere else. I know a positive review can spawn lots of haters, many that haven't grown cc at all. Respect my post. Feel free to ad to the discussion if you have grown chem 91 by cc, if not, your opinion is not valid here. Of coarse questions and comments are always welcome.

    I have my line up but sometimes run seeds in 1 gallon pots, usually vegged for about a week or so, so this did not get the time and energy it deserved.

    I threw 2 beans in sunshine mix, one male, one female. The male was culled early. The female is about 50 days and looks to have another week or two left in her. Maybe more.

    I have grown Chem D cut years ago, and again recently. It is always really good smoke. Not super powerful, but the stinky, funky, smell and taste is a real winner.

    Though I haven't smoked this yet, let me say that its a mirror image of the chem d. Big buds, not too dense. That chem funk that you can smell in the next room, and an easy growing plant that has potential. If anyone is looking to try chem and doesn't have access to the cut, this thing is spot on so far. I don't know if I got lucky or if this is the norm but I'm stoked to find something like this in a seed.

    No hermie, no balls, no bananas. I sometimes would get a banana in the real chem d, this one, nothing at all.

    I will follow up with a smoke report when its done.

    Sorry for the crappy pics.

    IMG_2436.jpg IMG_2437.jpg IMG_2438_2.JPG IMG_2439_2.jpg
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    We Can Make Sandwiches

    We Can Make Sandwiches Well-Known Member

    Ive seen alot of hate towards swerve but I have had nothing but good results with many different strains and alot have been some straight fire. And that my friend is a lovely looking lady !

    kgp Well-Known Member

    Thank you, and yes I get why he is hated. But I try and separate the genetics from the man. I have found some great plants in cc gear. Some of my best plants from seed were from cc. I can't wait to puff this stinky girl. Thanks for stopping by, my amigo.
    King Arthur

    King Arthur Well-Known Member

    Looks like something royalty would be smokin on. :eyesmoke:
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    v.s one

    v.s one Well-Known Member

    Ditto. Looks great I would love to see her in a 7 gallon pot.
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yeah, those pix suck kgp, they seem to all have this white, frost like substance covering every single one of them.. :D
    killing it.. i ran 4sd, chem 4 x ecsd, and it's some killer smoke, and that funk, holy hell, carbon filters didn't put a dent in it.. yours look great, i might have to pick up a pack.. :D

    Joedank Well-Known Member

    chem will yellow out so fast ... looks like mommy:)

    kgp Well-Known Member

    That she will. Hates being directly under a 1k

    MistaRasta Well-Known Member

    I have a ten pack of regs. Couldn't find many reviews on it. Thanks for sharing man, made my decision on popping these next so much easier.

    Never ran any Chem genetics. Is she stretchy like the ogs? How's the yield on her?
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    kgp Well-Known Member

    Not as stretchy as ogs. Maybe 1.5 - 2 xs. Yeild looks to be on par with chem. a moderate yeild. Good supportive branches.
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    Joedank Well-Known Member

    pretty sure she is a greenhouse primadonna ... bred of GH bitches... the area of colorado JOEBRAND is from was greenhouse central for deadheads looking for a ski scene nearby....
    once she hits big ammened dirt WATCH out i have seen a 7 pounder in nov dripping with resin... good crosses came of her ... got a stardog x tahoe (CCon male) that smells like cocobubba cut ... kick ass .

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Nice buds kgp, that looks straight fire :-D
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    v.s one

    v.s one Well-Known Member

    What was the difference when you grew the chem dog D cut compared to the chem 91 skunk V.a cut? Yields, potency , or taste and smell?

    kgp Well-Known Member

    Never grew skunk va. Supposedly the seed is of the 91 but to me it looks like the d cut.
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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    hey kgp i seen on another thread that youre fond of funky,fuely og types im looking for a new strain & have been looking at their tahoe or the bubba bx but for now the tahoe i know just mentioning swerve spawns a hot bed of opinions & blackwater got a bunch of bad press but none the less a friend is getting awesome results with it i know this is a bit off topic but have you tried the tahoe??? or perhaps the budda tahoe?? i feel dank is wherever you find it, dont know much about swerve but will deal with the devil himself if he's got something i want ,not much accurate info on cc stuff thanks h.h.
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    kgp Well-Known Member

    I've grown both Tahoe and Buddha Tahoe. Buddha Tahoe from fem seed was the winner, the closest to a pure og kush that I've ever grown from seed. Phenominal pheno. I've got a good Tahoe before too. In the same packs as the winners I've found some pathetic hermie plants. The goods are really good, but the bad phenos are horrible. Nonetheless, I feel it was worth it to go hunting.
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    Beemo Well-Known Member

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    BDOGKush Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to a smoke report. I've never grown CC but have smoked a few of their strains. I really enjoyed their Purple Diesel.
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    kgp Well-Known Member

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    We Can Make Sandwiches

    We Can Make Sandwiches Well-Known Member

    I got a freebie fem 6 pack of the buddha tahoe from an attitude promo awhile back (buy one pack get those free) ended up getting alien og (becacuse it was the newest strain of CC released at that time, anyone have experience with it?) and and Im upset Ive put them off (the buddha tahoes) now due to your feedback. Definitly has move them up the line. I heard the yields are decent with the buddha tahoe?

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