Can a plant be ripe and still have white pistils?????????????

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    rfun Well-Known Member

    This is my first grow. I did TGA Agent Orange and Joey Weed Blueberry. Both strains said 55-65 flowering time. My blueberrys have been chopped about a week ago along with the smallest Agent Orange. But it is now day 74 and the rest of the AO's look like they have another 2 or 3 weeks left. Is this possible? That the same strain can have some Plants ripe before others? I see milky trich's, some amber, maybe 70/30. And also on some of the plants all the side buds look ripe but the main colas still have white pistils, hence my question???????? I'm not complaining cause I have some massive buds that even I couldnt beleive I was getting on my first grow, but its driving me nuts that they are already 10 days past the suggested flowering time. Any input would be very helpful. Now I have 2 plants flushing those are the ones with the purple leaves and they look pretty ripe except that the main cola still has white pistils at the very top. But some leaves have turned purple and others have just turned yellow, dried and have fallen off. The other 6 plants are still on nuts(Botanicare-TriFlex)they are the ones that have massive buds.

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    bigsourD Well-Known Member

    You usually don't judge when to harvest by the hairs, I look at the trichomes. Depending on strain, indica or sativa, you know when to harvest by the maturity of them. In you're situation, I think I would harvest.

    chb444220 Well-Known Member

    wow.. those are sum nice plants.. those buds are fucking HUMONGOUS!! not bad for ur 1st grow... lol. but yeaa the flowering time they say isnt always right.. alot of other things affect it.. it may say 60 days... but if u have low light output.. its gonna take much longer... if it doesnt have enough soil to grow in.. it may become root-bound and slow growth.. if it doesnt have enough nutes... it may grow slower.. theres many things that can change the flowering period.. =/

    even when the plant is finished.. there will still be white hairs on the buds.. deff. but it does seem like theres quite a few still on ur plant.. =/ i might wait another week.. see if they change over at all... or.. the BEST thing u can do.. snip a small bud off.... dry it over night by puting it in a box with a fan on it or something... and then smoke it... if u like the high u get. then harvest it.. if its not strong enough for ya.. then wait another week and take another sample until ur happy with it.

    I harvested my White Widow when there was still a decent amount of white hairs on it.. and i was VERY VERY happy with the high i got.. adn the look of the buds.. soo its up to you.

    makeway Member

    DAMN! Thats very nice for your 1st grow. do have a grow journal? or some info about your setup? and if you see some amber trichs its should be ready to chop.
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    cephalopod Well-Known Member

    Yes they can. There is a strain, I think called Tundra, that has that trait. Someone will correct if I'm wrong, antway the best way to judge if it's ready to your liking is to look at the trichromes.

    rfun Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all of your replies. Sorry makeway dont have a journal. But i will give you a brief description. Its a hydro set-up. 2 3x3 tables, 4 600wHPS, and I am using Botanicare Triflex nuts. Will probably take your advice chb, i will probably cut one of the riper looking nugs tonight. Please keep posting input.

    chb444220 Well-Known Member

    kk. cool. im glad i could help. =) yeaa thats the best way to tell if its ready or not. =)

    if u have a shoebox, or somethign similar.. u should use that to dry it. just stand the box up the tall way.. get a string and thread it thru at the top.. but leave like 2-3 inches at the top for extra room.. orr. if u have on eof those long toothpick things that ppl use fo rliek.. shish-kabobs.. u can use that.. thats what i used. lol.

    then cut a square about the size of a dollar bill in the fron of the box.. adn put a fan, on high, as close to the front of it as possible.. adn then cut another square, about 1/2 the size of the 1st, and make that cuzz on the back of the box, towards the top.. that'll be fore exaust. adn wen u turn the fan on.. u should feel a ncie breeze from the back hole.

    **only do this to QUICK DRY ur sample bud.. if u do this with your whole harvest.. tehy will dry too quick... =/ thats what i did on accident... lol. but the smoke was still GREAT!**

    heres a pic of my shoebox with my WW sample bud drying.

    View attachment 937203 View attachment 937204

    and heres my main cola... just showin u that my main cola still had some white hairs left too.. adn the smoke was the best smoke i've ever had.. "Hands down the dopest dope I ever smoke" lmao (pineapple express)

    View attachment 937208 View attachment 937209

    and heres how i hung all my other buds.. in a giant flat screen TV box. lol

    View attachment 937220 View attachment 937221 View attachment 937222

    kk. well jsut wanted to show ya those pics.. if u end up needing any help or anything lemme knooo. and jsut so u know.. those plant look sooo fucking amazing!! tehyre HUGE!! ur gonna have a very nice yield

    cdreyer Member

    i agree. very nice for your first time.......... if your tricomes are milky and part amber. i would definately pull asap. your at peak ripeness NOW! BUT! do not forget to flush your plants. flushing is a must, to get good flavor aroma and good quality smoke. i suggest using a flushing agent to speed up you flushing time and then flush with straight water for a minimum of 3 to 4 days........good luck

    naloboy808 Member

    if you could keep those white hairs like that all standing up n shit iʻd be stoked to smoke some shit like that. Iʻd get way too excited.
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    thers not ready yet



    rfun Well-Known Member

    Hey Tha 5hit how much longer do you think they have they are on day 76 today dont you think thats a little long for a 50/50 strian? Or do you think these particular plants are taking so much longer because of the huge size of the buds? One of the plants has produced some unusally large buds, which like I said in my post I was very surprised at the results as this is my first grow. My blueberrys I harvested gave me 2oz. each dry weight there were 4 of them. I harvested them last week. And the looked nothing like these in size. There's one I almost think its gonna give me a pound at least, or somewhere close to it. So do you think they're just taking long because of the size of the bud growth? I started to flush them out yesterday. Hope i didnt start to early???????????

    burninjay Active Member

    It might be a 50/50 strain, but AO is known to produce several phenotypes. You seem to have a more sativa expression. Looks good, I am also of the opinion that it could go a bit longer. You certainly have enough to try a bit and see for yourself, and no harm will come from leaving it alive long enough to dry out a piece.

    It's a TGA strain, ask subcool what he thinks.

    kmkganjagrower Member

    Go by your trichs I just got matunuska valley thunderfuck which sounds similar to tundra and they told me its a continious grower meaning it will keep going even after its done and you really have to harvest by trichs not plant growth. He told me he took one 115 days and finally quit because it wasnt stopping and lower part of colas were way too overripe while it still continued new growth

    chb444220 Well-Known Member

    yeaa i think its good that u started flushing now... u should start flushing 2 weeks b4 harvest.. and i think they will deff be ready in 2 weeks.. adn yeaa alotta things affect the flwoering time.. like if u grow 2 of the same exact plant.. adn one has alotta light.. and the other doewnt have much light.. the one with less light will take longer to flower.. obviously.. lol. im just usin that as an example.. there are alotta things that can affect flowering time.. like sum1 said above.. diff pheno-types.. it does look more sativa.. whihc would make it take longer.

    and yeaa, i think those gigantic buds u have may be anothe rreason why its takin soo long. lol. but thats a good thing!

    rfun Well-Known Member

    Ya kmk I think your right. after carefully looking at them a minute ago it looks like most of the white pistils are new growth. I see brownish reddish under the white ones and the buds look ripe but underneath the new growth. I think I'm just gonna let them flush for 10 to 14 days and if I dont see a difference i'm just gonna pullem. I've already pulled 2 smaller ones, they are drying now. the only ones left are 6 big ones.
    dr. greenthumbz

    dr. greenthumbz New Member

    man that agent looks sexy. i sure hope i got that pheno.
    H.R. Shove N Stuff

    H.R. Shove N Stuff Active Member

    I'am about to start some Joeyweed Blueberries, was wondering how they came out for you? True to description? Blueberry smell, blue... how was it?

    rfun Well-Known Member

    DSCN0230.jpg DSCN0235.jpg DSCN0237.jpg DSCN0244.jpg DSCN0245.jpg DSCN0236.jpg DSCN0232.jpg DSCN0238.jpg DSCN0242.jpg DSCN0246.jpg DSCN0241.jpg DSCN0231.jpg OK guys here's an update. Well first off no one actually ever answered my question, " can a plant be ripe and still have white pistils?" Well today is day 80 and everything is pretty much the same. I've been flushing for about 7 days. My trich's are milky and alittle amber but those pistils throw me off. All the top buds still have white pistils but it all looks like new growth. What to do????? Oh also on one of my plants or maybe 2 the leaves are curling upward. They are flushing so is that part of the drying process? I'm so tempted to just chop. I really need some input this time guys. Hope I can get some valid expert opinion. Cause I really want to chop tomorrow night before lights come back on so help out guys....................................
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    cylee89 Active Member

    Chop it then :D

    HookedOnChronic Well-Known Member

    YES PLANTS CAN PRODUCE WHITE HAIRS WHILE BEING FINISHED just so u get ur question answered

    fresh bud growth will produce whites hairs almost all of the time, so the white hairs ur seing are the buds adding weight but by now it is adding so little weight

    also if u look at your buds, they appear glossy or snowy, this means they are pretty much done, ur trichs should almost all be cloudy and now turning amber
    as the trichs turn amber your buds will appear darker, almost an amber color......shocking :P

    so ya hope that helps

    picture #9 gives the best visual for anyone wondering what im looking at

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