Can i use my de-humidifier water for my plants?

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    Not the coils I've seen. Also, keep in mind that aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth's crust, after oxygen and silicon. If aluminum was toxic to plants there wouldn't be any.
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    When soil pH is lower than 5, which is deadly to plants in the first place.

    If your dehumidifier runoff is below pH 5, something is fundamentally wrong.

    The vast majority of aluminum is aluminum oxide, which is not a problem for plants.

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    I mean technically anything in excess is toxic to your plants. Overwatering is fatal, doesn't mean I'm not going to water them. Anyways the test kit I ran had undetectable levels of al, cu, and pb, which are the three elements that my dehu would leach into the water if it did.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    As long as pH levels are above 7 and EC is low there's no reason to believe anything would leach into that water.
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    It's distilled water essentially. Not the best to water with, although may be great for flushing..gonna try distilled water flush on a couple this grow

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    Test it with an ohm meter. Voltage will not pass thru distilled water

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    run the water through some carbon or a brita, just need to add cal-mag epsom salt with air stone would make it better, my dehum sits on top of 20-gal black bucket with the line right into it with valve at bottom for use this is in the flower room

    edit: organic soil grow
    Uncle Reefer

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    Yes you totally can ,just add minerals since your dehuie water is 0 ppm. add some cal and some mag and you are golden
    John Levy

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    Dehumidifier water can be used for watering container plants and in hydroponic reservoirs. It reads 10ppm or less on a TDS meter. Water that sits stagnant can harbor mold and bacteria however, so you may want to oxygenate the water before using it. Oxygen levels are easily increased by shaking it in a jug or adding hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the harmful bacteria and your plants will benefit from the extra oxygen. The dehumidifier water is very soft water, since it has been recondensed from vapor which lost its mineral content when it evaporated. Many people use it to soften their tap water.

    WARNING: Dehumidiers often employ copper tubing. If the resulting water is 10ppm its possibly 10ppm of copper. Adding this to your reservoir every time will start concentrating the metals-- since plants only need under 1ppm of copper, using this water could accumulate to the 100ppm toxicity level.

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