Canasol is The Best Treatment for Glaucoma "The Eye Disease"


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*My mother have been suffering from Glaucoma for a very long time now. Last year i started doing some research on her condition and i found out that Canasol is the best treatment of the eye disease, Glaucoma. A friend recommended me to E-mail: ([email protected]) where i bought 5 bottles and it was ship to me. I very happy today because my mother is fine and Glaucoma FREE!! "Life is too short so Google it"



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you posted a picture of cannaderm brand "cannasol". one of the bottles is clearly a foaming agent skincare cream.

this is not the "canasol" made in jamaica.

here is the cannasol skin cream you have posted:
literally it is just sunscreen
"Cannasol sunscreen for children 30"

i know this is just spam, but i think rollitup should leave this up just to show people that "cannasol" is a skin cream and "canasol" is the glaucoma eye drop found in jamaica-- which cannot be shipped to the usa.


also, canasol is not a cure for glaucoma, it is only a treatment for glaucoma to decrease the IOP.

fucking snake oil salesmen.


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"Passmethelid " You must learn to ask questions and not jump into conclusion when you read a post ONLINE and you don't understand.

I was talking about Canasol eye drop which i bought for my mother and it helped her and I believe everyone can clearly see that the photo i posted is for Cannasol Cream which is clearly written on the Label. So Is it a crime? OR Did I have to tell you that I also buy cannasol cream before posting the pic? Your words tell how small you're.


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i'd like to see the actual bottles. all i have is that stock image.

i'd also be interested to see the ingredients or instructions, if any came with the bottles. i like to research this canasol eye drops and i have barely any information at all except that one stock image.

please? i'm sorry for offending you earlier, i thought it was just spam.

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My fiancé started treatment for glaucoma 2 months ago. She began using cannabis the day she was diagnosed. The best drug her doctor prescribed for her are just eye drops to reduce eye pressure. The combination of cannabis and the eye drops (she doesn't like the drops due to it making her eyes itchy) seem to be helping her very well. We are continuing to research for treatment. Original poster is not helping cannabis cause by trying to sell online with misinformation...


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fly down and buy it in jamaica, or find a jamaican (or other caribbean) friend. sorry, i have not been able to find any source for canasol anywhere.

that gmail account above wanted $300 for a 5ml canasol bottle. hah!

you can fly round trip to jamaica for not much more than that.

there might be a way to make your own cannabis oil for use as an eye drop, but i still do not have the recipe for creating your own eye drops.


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I've known several Glaucoma patients who benefit from using cannabis, and they eat a small amount of an edible daily. One of them says that it's not enough to get her high, but her doctor tells her that it keeps her ocular pressure down.



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As far as I know there isn't a cure for glaucoma only treatments for the symptoms. Who knows maybe cannabis is more than just a treatment. Without medical testing and cannabis being a schedule one drug we'll never know for sure.