Cannabis Seed Nutritional/Medical properties?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by nomofatum, Feb 5, 2017.


    nomofatum Well-Known Member

    I use hemp seeds or hemp milk in my smoothies all the time for the taste and excellent nutrition (and it makes smoking bud taste stronger somehow, for me at least). I was wondering if anyone ever really analyzed the contents of cannabis seeds. I'm sure the nutrition and potential medical contents varies as much as terpenes and cannibinoids from strain to strain. But, I'm curious if some strains may have seeds with medical uses or very good nutrition but different than hemp's nutrition profile.

    Does anyone know of any info on this? I'm having a very hard time searching/finding anything about cannabis and nutrition or about medical uses of cannabis seeds as the results for anything with cannabis + seed tends to be seed banks and forums...

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