Cannabutter BUD vs Butter Ratio

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    ILikeToGrow Member

    i ate half of one and iits strange. its my first brownie. also the bud was from an immature plant i pulled due to frost, but it had small trichomes
    Medi 1

    Medi 1 Well-Known Member

    its slower and longer with it having to go through the liver yto be processed this way, takes about an hour or so to hit, and lasts way longer
    peek THC is actualy ealry, but has not enough CBD or CBN yet so it hits harder but dont last long or have much of the diff effects we get waiting
    LT1RX7 Drifter

    LT1RX7 Drifter Active Member

    just started batch of butter 1lb of sweet leaf trim to 2.5 lbs of butter crockpot style hold on space cakes and brownies, oh maybe some canna carmels, makes good stocking stuffers, mess the whole family up and not tell them lol rotf

    mistioud Active Member

    hahahaha that is awesome

    rowlman Well-Known Member

    I like A...I use all buds, no trim goes in the butter
    LT1RX7 Drifter

    LT1RX7 Drifter Active Member

    oh snap that butter i made is way strong, made some sweet as bannana nut bread with 1/4 of powdered bud in the mix for a awesome breakfast treat with your coffee

    sladeg Member

    My dog would love this stuff. Can't wait to try this one day. No more will I have to hide under a bridge and smoke weed to get high, I can just pop a choclate chip cookie made with dank cannabutter in my mouth during class. The effects would last longer, apperantly, so that's some good news to me.

    phlacz Member

    I myself use coconut oil which is higher in fat content than butter. Which means more THC is able to be extracted. Just remember that a lb. of butter and a lb. of coconut are not the same when extracting the THC. Butter is around 19-32% fat where as coconut oil is 60-62% fat. Walmart has a 2 lb. container of coconut oil for around $6.00. Try this with the same amount of bud and you will be blown for sure.

    gioua Well-Known Member

    I don think it allows for better extraction it allows for better thc absorption into the fat.

    thanks for the tip on the coconut oil.. have never thought to look there since most food stores dont even carry this oil anymore..

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    1/4 oz per stick of budder

    chefganja Member

    That's what I've used for years with great results, just made 2 lbs of budder and a bunch of cookies in the last few days....

    IMG_9721.jpg IMG_9740.jpg

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    cookies are the best in my opinion. the chocolate helps me eat it and i only need one. after butter is made i can then make doughballs and freeze them individually

    paparocks Member

    Tollhouse calls for 2 sticks butter to make 5 dozen 3" cookies. Next week I will be making my cannabutter using 1/4oz to 2.5 sticks. the weed is all bud double barrel kush.
    I'm making the cookies as a sleep aid, do to nocturnal seizes caused by epilepsy. Not looking for a super high effect, just enough to medicate to making living easier.
    I have questions concerning the absorption of the cbd's present in the kush. It's a cannabinoid like thc so I'm guessing the process is the same. any thoughts on this would be great
    also the .5 stick of butter is to compensate for butter lost into the waste plant
    Herb Andler

    Herb Andler Member

    way to much work and mess---simply cut up a set of panty hose into 8 inch "tubes" stuff tube with cannibus product and tie the other end shut. i normally do eight at a time. i use a canning pan with a rack that allows me to submerse 8 qt mason jars at a time. Now simply cube up one pound of butter (unsalted) into a quart mason canning jar. put jars in rack and submerse jars in water about two thirds of jar height in water . Bring water to a slow rolling boil--when butter is melted put a tube in each jar and put top on jar (not tight) and let it slowly cook for 3 or 4 hours. during this cooking time i will take tops off jar and stir the butter a little with a wooden spoon-----when done i pour the mixture into the small mason jars ---wide mouth and about 2" high (wal-marts) these jars hold one pound 0f butter squeeze all you can out of tube, put jars in frigde ---can be froze in jars and last for months if not years

    Abzon New Member

    Hello First post here...

    I usually use a mininum of 1 OZ per stick usually buds and sugar trim, ending up with good strong medicine . I also add extra butter to make up for the lost water and solids in the butter so 10 sticks yield an actual 8 sticks or use clarified butter.
    I only use my own flowers from my own garden (a trust thing) I like to stay organic as possible.
    Johnny Vapor

    Johnny Vapor Well-Known Member

    As others have suggested, you need to experiment to find out what right for you.

    I use 1 oz. nice bud to 1 lb. butter
    1.5 oz popcorn bud / dry trim to 1 lb. butter
    3 oz. of vaped weed to 1 lb. butter

    All result in a very nice buzz & a good nights sleep. Butter can hold a lot more, but my days of crawling around on the floor in a haze are over.

    MzGo2 New Member

    Hey all new to this .. I have been making edibles and i want to know if what i'm using is a good dose.
    I use between 6-maybe 10 gram of high grade bud kush , sour or better to a pound a butter..
    4 sticks. and simmer for 7- 10 hrs to make my butter.
    Was also wondering if i added 1-2 more sticks to the 7 grams will i dilute it?
    Or how many sticks of butter can i actually use to 7 grams to make a good edible.
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