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    I agree but that being said now a days I feel like you are more likely to get something better way easier living in America before you had to order over seas and even tho the uniformity was there more I think now it's better as long as you do some research on the breeder you buy from
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    Pop them! I have a pack I won't get to for awhile so want to see yours grow! I recently grew a lambsbread x Bay11 cross and it was really good so expecting the Sunshine Pucker to be good too
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    scooped up a pack of PieDough from tlc a few weeks back and cant remember what the cross is, its not labeled on the pack. grape pie x ???

    couldnt find it anywhere
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    Popped one like I said I would. Probably wont see pics of it here but I'll defiantly let ya know how it turns out my dude!

    Both Morning breath pheno's I had hermed but I picked all the balls off of the the best looking pheno & it's fine now. The runt pheno I culled grew to slow anyways. Had another clone follow up & it's not showing any sacs, think I stressed her when I went back to 11 hours on from 10 1/2 hours. The buds are looking like standard cookie structure though the plant had a pretty good stretch to it from the SSH I'm assuming.

    The Jack Durban is a keeper for sure!! Havent smoked much as it's still drying but from a quick dry smoke it's fucking dank!! Best jack strain I've ran so far, it taste soo good & makes my brow sweat when 1st hitting it. The buzz is uplifting then it kinda gets hazy to much will have me posted chillin with that feeling like my eye's are glazed and red.
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    got 4 Barney Rubble 2wks pollen chucking them, FPOG x Orange Cookies has gotta be gas hasnt it?
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    Chief hosa(triangle kush x sour dub)

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    Week 3 Flower
    7 gal Fox Farm
    HnG Soil A&B
    20K Jack image.jpeg

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    See also: 'discount' breeders making cheaper knockoffs of other breeders' gear. Why do work selecting or coming up with your own pairings when you can feminize an elite or just duplicate other breeders' tested work?
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    CCC [​IMG]

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    Which dispenserary in town (Denver) has the best selection of Cannarado beans? I know LaContes use to have them.

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    My order should be coming in from OES pretty soon for some maroon cookies. The only cookie cross I saw in the thread looked like garbage commercial. Anybody get something good from the thin mint xs?
    Edit.. My bad the wookie looks nice that chocolate crip cookie looks scary bad tho.. not health wise I mean bud wise
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    probably grape pie x thin mint cookies
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    higher self

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    The Jack Durban ended up being my best sativa keeper (maybe ever) 1st time smoking anything from Cannarado this shit is top notch!

    The buzz is all up top in the head, It could have a little body to it but I can't notice when my head is ringing in a good way. No paranoia or raciness either but still zippy if I want it to be, or I can sit still & relax.

    The buds are light & don't need to be ground just broken into small chunks. When smoking it has a lot of trics on the light/fluffy herb so it looks like it melts more than burning & staying lit in a bowl. Smoking joints taste almost like if I dabbed her( haven't yet) the flavor is a loud jack w/ that lime lollipop as I described before.

    Only been curing for 11 days & im trying not to smoke it all up! After a good cure this stuff is going to be really off the chain! I'd rate this a 9 in my book so far.

    Only popped two seeds! Fem seed or not a clone has been pollinated with a Double Jamaican male, will grow a few when there ready.
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    Day 42 20k Jack 7 gal image.jpeg
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    Chocolate crip cookies[​IMG]

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    What sativa gear would you recommend from canna ?
    higher self

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    Depends what you can find at the moment but I'd grab any of the Jack crosses at this point. The cut they reversed is the best Jack hybrid I've had even better than one from Karma.

    I believe Oregon Elite Seeds still has a few packs left like the Chocolate Trip x Jack. I wanted the Pecan Sandies but waited to late.

    Started one of the Lemon G crosses so I have good expectations for that but can't comment on how the Lemon G line does at this point.

    About to harvest my 2nd Cannarado strain the Morning Breath (OGKB x SSH) in a week or so. It's throwing some interesting smelling terps I can't really describe. 1st cookie grow so don't have anything to compare it too. Smells sweet but kind of a bland smell to it. Ready to see how she smokes against my keepers.
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    Which Lemom G cross are your growing. I'm growing Lemon Fugazzi/starting

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