Clones from a stress induced hermie?

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    I took clones from a plant before I flipped it to flower the about a week in I acquired pistils took more clones then flipped to veg so stressed it to much and Got a ball just one. Will the clones be hermie too if I don't stress them?

    backtracker Well-Known Member

    was it a true ball? a female will sometimes make a pollen "sack" when stressed.
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    the offspring will be just as likely to grow balls as the mother plant was giving the same conditions and streesers..
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    budolskie Well-Known Member

    What was the original you took the cuts off? A clone, reg, fem or bag seed
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    females wont show pollen sacks in the flip, but might towards the end of flower.
    you have hermie clones.
    but wait, there is good news,
    a product called Reverse will end the sexual confusion in those clones, and the adult too. cheap, effective, safe, available, dont ask me, try google
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    if the herming was caused by stress and not genetics, its not a problem. as long as you don't put he clone through the same stress, it should be fine. anything caused by stress is not passed on to the clone, but anything caused by stress in the parent will be just as likely in the clone under the same conditions
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    2.Cor4.16 Active Member

    The stressor was that I flipped her back into veg after 2 weeks of flower to sex the plant but as well the switch wasn't even because I am moving so it hasn't had uninterupted light on its 24 hour cycle. I haven't had a good light since both rooms indoors are flowering at my place so I move the mother between rooms and outside to keep the 24 hours lights on but I haven't been as quick as I should when the lights turn off, as well before I flipped back to veg I foolishly took several clones further stressing the plant. This is it though, the plant is Starkiller (Skywalker OGx RD2) true breed seeds. I have another female going through the same thing but it never grew balls it's just to small to take clones from. If I pick the balls off and re veg can they grow female without any stress? image.jpeg

    backtracker Well-Known Member

    that's a ball, I would start over to avoid a big ass headache down the road.

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