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Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Mass Medicinals, Sep 13, 2017.

    Mass Medicinals

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    Hi All,

    We are getting ready to flip the ladies into flower mode. So we took a handful of cutting from the plants. They are currently in the 600w MH Tent. And are not doing well. We have them in a glass of water below the canopy. So they are getting diffused light.

    We don't want to make too many cuttings and risk more failure. But we also want to have plants for the next cycle.

    What are we doing wrong? Could this be due to the MH bulb? We didn't have any issues cloning under the Cree LEDs.


    Porkymcchops Active Member

    Clones generally don't like the intense light. Fluoro or LED light is best. And they won't root in just water - or atleast I don't know of anyone doing it that way. I use rock wool cubes and adjust water PH to ~5.5. They like very high humidity and don't like cold temps. I'm sure there are plenty of in depth cloning articles on how other people do it. This is what has always worked for me.

    Even after they are rooted, i see some clones that kind of wilt and stunt growth a little when adjusting to intense HID lights. :bigjoint:
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    XipXipXoom Active Member

    Use tube floros and keep them high. You want the plant to work on root development, not photosynthesis. With no roots it can't uptake the nutes required to keep up with intense light, and uses all it has stored too quickly. My fave method to clone is tin foil covering a solo cup of tap water, with a hole poked in the tin foil and clone inserted through, but I'm only a small scale grower.

    Mist once at cut, no dome, and keep the light high.
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    Good advice from both posters. Babies will fry under MH. T8/T5 or LED or even LED bulbs.

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Light inhibits rooting and so does lack of oxygen, so glass of water is the worst possible method. Stick em in either peat pellets or small pots of medium, like perlite, vermiculite, coco, peat, something like that which is sterile, then put a plastic bag over the plant and pot with one corner cut off for slight ventilation. Also not intense light. If it's perlite or vermiculite the pots should be sitting in a shallow layer of water, because it doesn't hold enough water otherwise.
    Mass Medicinals

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    We moved the plants to our LED stand.

    Cup of water is the worst method
    The cuttings have been in the water between 24 & 72 hours. Is this too late to place them into a coco medium?

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Should be fine if they don't look rotted on the ends. Probably good to make a fresh cut on the end though and put rooting gel on if you have some.

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