close trim butter/ coconut oil ratio?

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    hey guys I've got a jar of close trim with probably an ounce in thats just been getting collected for the past year. if i find a nug with a big leaf i pull it off and put it in this jar. was just wondering what ratio to use for making butter and making coconut oil? personally id pile it all in an mix it if it puts me on my arse then ill live be super high for a while then eat the shit out the munchies cupboard haha, but my mrs is a bit fearful of edibles, every time she's had them they have made her sick and she's a seasoned stoner. any advice on how much to put in to how much butter would be great. ideally I'm gong to make them pretty strong for my self and she's just going to have half even a quarter until she finds her right amount.

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    Giving the amount you describe. I'd put it in one to one and a half stick(s) of butter. I'd use the same equivalent amount in coconut oil.

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    The below always works for me :-)

    Typically, every gram of cannabis bud has 1,000mg of dry weight. If the strain being used has 10% THC then the gram of cannabis has 100mg THC (10% of 1000mg).

    Using this formula, it is pretty easy to calculate how much THC.

    For example, imagine we were making 10 brownies infused with one gram of cannabis.

    1 gram of cannabis = 1,000mg

    so the THC yield would be 100mg (10% of 1,000mg).

    Then to calculate the amount of THC in each brownie we just divide the total THC yield by the number of servings the recipe provides (100mg / 10 brownies).

    Each brownie will have 10mg of THC – Easy!

    ps - feel free to like if this was helpful :-)
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    so to clarify if i buy seeds and in the description says 21 percent and i grew sied plant to the best of its genetic potential in stead of the above 1000mgs id get 2100mgs ?

    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    how did it turn out bro

    Genki88 Active Member

    210 mg................21% not 210%

    Deathpack Member

    Grandmas recipe always worked best......... for every cup of cooking material use 1 OZ OF BUD or 2-3 OZ OF SUGAR TRIM........ no more no less... :D

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