Courtenay mayor gets death threats after police shut pot shop

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    Courtenay Mayor Larry Jangula

    Courtenay’s mayor has received death threats from people upset that the RCMP shut down the community’s first cannabis dispensary.

    Mayor Larry Jangula said someone posted online comments threatening to shoot him after inaccurate information circulated on social media that the mayor directed Comox Valley RCMP to raid Leaf Compassion dispensary on Wednesday.

    “It’s been a very upsetting day,” Jangula said.

    He said he has been threatened during his 27-year policing career but never in his role as mayor.

    “I am surprised by the ignorance and the misinformation that is out there that this raid was directed by the mayor’s office,” he said. “It’s actually a Criminal Code matter and a police matter, it’s not a matter for the mayor.”

    The RCMP’s drug section raided the pot shop on 4th Street three days after it opened. Mounties seized marijuana, marijuana derivatives and cash. Three employees were arrested but released without charge.

    The dispensary was operating without a business licence.

    Owner Kyle Cheyne, who operates Leaf Compassion dispensaries in Victoria and Port Alberni, said RCMP warned the employees that if the store re-opens, they would return with a warrant for Cheyne’s arrest.

    The pot shop did reopen on Thursday but employees did not stock any product. Would-be customers came in to sign a petition in support of the dispensary, Cheyne said.

    Cheyne said he tried to talk to Jangula before opening the store.

    “The mayor is refusing to talk to anyone about cannabis at all,” he said. “He didn’t want to work with us.”

    Cheyne said he is going to apply for a special business licence for the dispensary. If it’s rejected, he’ll appeal so that the matter will go before mayor and council. “It’s illegal to have anything other than a designated medical marijuana dispensary anywhere in Canada and I know there are municipalities that have done so but it’s against the law,” Jangula said.

    There is no legal mechanism for marijuana dispensaries or compassion clubs to sell cannabis to the public, even if customers or vendors have permission from Health Canada to possess or produce marijuana, said Const. Rob Gardner, spokesman for Comox Valley RCMP.

    Until the federal government legalizes recreational cannabis in July 2018, medical cannabis can only be purchased through the mail from Health Canada-approved licensed producers.

    The City of Victoria is allowing cannabis dispensaries to apply for re-zoning and a business licence. However, it has not been smooth sailing, with the city filing court injunctions to force some unlicensed dispensaries to close and facing a lawsuit from one dispensary that was denied a business licence.

    A pot shop that popped up in Langford in January received considerable attention from West Shore RCMP and bylaw officers.

    The City of Langford took the owners to court to permanently shutter the dispensary.

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    I hope he's scared...dirt bag.

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    nice to meet ya...wouldn't want to be ya :P
    The Hippy

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    What a sad attempt at a come back eh?
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    Not on your life.
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    But i'm glad someone did..he deserves a good scare as well as the people he's fucked why not him for a change.
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    Holy fuck this troll's a tool. I've known Larry ( Courtenay Mayor) for over 20 years. I bought a 1949 Chevy P/U from him in 1996. I also worked with his kid for a year or so. He's a bit of an ass as a politician, and I imagine he was as a cop, but I knew him in the years in between. Please report me to him...we'll have a laugh together.

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    Threatening elected officials is exactly the wrong approach.

    Suing them is another story.
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