Current wholesale prices in Oregon for sunshine grown lowest in the nation:


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bit that stands out (note this is outdoor as indoor still demands a higher price)
"Last October, wholesale marijuana in the state sold for about $700 a pound. Now, it's just $398 per pound."

In fairness outdoor prices are truly cyclical peeking around September or October, but still, holy hell that wholesale drop is off the charts. Suspect they'd have less of a glut if like Colorado, Oregon growers could keep all the home grown they grew, but no one asked me;)


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WOW! I have seen good weed sit untouched and the over abundant supply around here won't go away soon. $400 a pound and I can buy it cheaper than raising it.


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looks like u folks out west are growing ya selfs right out of the game!! still pretty good market here in the east getting 16 now on some depos


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Northern Oregon outdoor prices are $600-$700 a unit.
Go down south to Grants Pass south to Medford and you can get $500 units.

But buyer beware. I know several rec growers selling stuff out the back door for $500 or less that failed testing.