Cutting Leaves in Half to Get More Thc?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by stanklin420, Aug 24, 2009.


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    Does your wife know you're gay?
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    nope, but his boyfriend suspects it.
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Well that escalated quickly. From topping to get sex. No inbetween.... oh wait. NVR mind. Inbetween might be a bad spot.
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    L30nPh3lps Well-Known Member

    He legit wants to claim he was joking? But is still offended enough to lash out? Hah i guess lil baby back bitches like u have a different sense of humor, ur def a joke tho
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    dagwood45431 Well-Known Member

    Please. You're making a Russian spectacle of yourself (in the voice of Cleavon Little). You people always have been a little backwards when it comes to human sexuality. You'll catch up eventually and drop the "fag" bullshit.

    dagwood45431 Well-Known Member

    No, I replied to you. You see "fags" everywhere, don't you, my little Russian tea cake?
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    By faggot I meant burning piece of wood. You're all flamers, same meaning of course.

    dagwood45431 Well-Known Member

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    Your point being? Okay let's see if this will make you happy. I hereby replace all instances of the word faggot or fag with the word putz. Or are you also worried about putzophobes? Actually I never resort to using fag related insults. I just made a special exception for that guy because he just seemed similar to burning wood to me somehow. Fucker thought he could interrogate me as to why I signed up on RIU.

    SonsOfAvery Well-Known Member

    Wow what is it with people using the word faggot? And what all the gay hate?
    Is this 2017? Or have I been time warped back to a schoolyard in the 80's?
    I'd like to see people banned for using such terminology in this way.
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    I don't know, just popped into my mind at the moment, figured I'd use one I hadn't used before. Turned out some gay people had an issue with it though.

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    I agree with your logic but there is a reason HST works... I do think that these people are misguided in their efforts to increase yield by constantly damaging new growth but in some cases damaging a plant is helpful.

    I don't use HST though but I have seen it work for people repeatedly...

    The entire myth comes from the idea that the life cycle of an annual plant is just than.... annual. The purpose of the budding is to produce offspring... This myth comes from the idea that if you damage the plants leaves DURING THE END OF BLOOM that it will desperately put as much energy into procreation as possible... It's complete bullshit.... those who use HST know the limit which a plant can be pushed to produce and mutilation to the part of the plant responsible for making the vast majority of its energy is just plain retarded...
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    Craigson Well-Known Member

    Defoliation(whether full or partial) has been proven to help yields has it not? I see these arguments like once a week.
    I defoliate large old fan leaves to let light penetrate better.

    757growin Well-Known Member

    Let the light penetrate what better? Your soil? A good indoor canopy will block all light to your medium.

    Edit. To answer your question, no. Sweet avi though
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    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    No. It has not been proven. If that were the case then everybody would be doing it and there'd be no argument about it.

    Defoliation increases yields in the same way that shaving your balls makes your dick look bigger.
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    Flowki Well-Known Member

    It has not been proven at all, it's very subjective with many people claiming either way. What you can be certain of is that cutting off leaves will stress and slow the plant for a given time. You can also be certain that the plant will not transpire or take up as much co2/nutes during that recovery stage. When your soil is exposed to the light the pots will heat up more. You run the risk of root issues. You will dry out more of the top surface faster, killing off roots that were using that area prior to defoliation. Evap will waste more water and nutes may begin to residue near top only to be watered down across root ball. You may end up watering more than normal but plants eating less meaning dehumidifier will also be working harder for nothing. Probably more downsides but you get the idea.

    On the pluss side if plants got too big and crowded (grower mistake) light defoliation can reduce leaf over lap humidity spots + good airflow to reduce the chance or amount of bud rot.

    nachooo Well-Known Member

    Well explained

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