Delta 8 syrup


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I just ordered some delta 8 syrup and wandering how this works. So I heard its more close to thc when eaten. I have a low tolerance. I mainly just smoke flower. A quarter gram in the morning and a quarter gram at night. Very rare for edible and concentrates. Oral thc tho is weird for me. When I smoke thc I do a little bit and it goes along way, when I eat it I need to consume atleast 100mg of thc to get high. If I consume 30mg of oral thc, im completely sober. At first I was thinking of dropping the whole 500mg in my bottle, but now after some reports I'm thinking of mabe 200mg or 100mg. What do you guys think. Never did delta 8 before. Just got a cart of it, but haven't tried it yet. I mainly got it because of its price. I live in a state were rso oil goes for 80 a gram, so only $30 some dollar for 500mg ain't bad. Plus I get it in syrup form and always wanted to try thc lean, but my state can't sell edibles, only rso oil and capsules.


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Start at 100mg it’s a different chemical and you don’t know it’s effects on you yet. I like the carts, they can be harsh on your lungs if you take too much