Do people actually grow cannabis in this section???

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    KonopCh Well-Known Member

    @nachooo could you compare yield on 12/12 and 10/14 + FR?

    Also... would FR show the same "time cutting" in autoflowering strains?

    burnpile Well-Known Member

    Thanks. For some reason I thought adding the far red allowed you to run the lights longer than 12 hrs since they get to sleep faster at lights out. I have one of these,,
    and have bee using a 13/11 light schedual.
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    nachooo Well-Known Member

    Yes I can compare it, yield is gonna be better in 10/14 +FR, just because it was better in 11/13 + FR (I tested that before), but electric bill was more or less similar cause to mantain the DLI, I raise the PPFD to give aprox same amount of energy to the plants, I raise wattage when I reduce hours.

    FR manipulation in theory does not cut time in autoflowers...But who wants autoflowers? (At least not me..), using FR and reduced daylight hours I could finish an early indica in 33 days flowering time...and only used 10 days of veg from a little clone... 43 days versus a 90 days autoflower from seed...and much more electric bill, worse genetics..etc...cant preserve clones/mother etc..
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    nachooo Well-Known Member

    Have to say that even in the case that this light regime would give me lesser production, I would prefer it due to the much improvement in terpenes and cannabinoid profile.
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    Greengenes707 Well-Known Member

    What do the lab test show?

    That can be done and is pushed by companies but isn’t really a thing. Cannabis will naturally begin to flower at ~14.25hrs of light. Slower than 12/12, but still flowering. And the same thing happens with the far red. The FR doesn’t help it enough and the plants just lag into flower compared to the claims and normal.
    Cutting the time does basically the same effect as FR. But if you do both, the flowering hormones are a abundant and quality traits show in addition to flowering times.

    He is doing it right and maintaining the same DLI
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    thanks for the input here

    i have used 12/12 and 10 /14. .i find it generally takes two weeks to see pistil formation

    i know about FR 10 minutes before[and after?]are supposed to help initiate flowering..

    but can you please clue me in as to what it does that reduced photo period can do?

    i think you alluded to it increasing yield..and thats from ***your own a/b testing?*** may be fine outdoors
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    nachooo Well-Known Member

    I am a poor lab is my senses and the experience of growing the same clone over 20 years in all kind of circunstances :) Take my words always as my subjetive appreciations please.. Wish I have a lab nere here, I live in the Pyrenees mountains. By the way..I am waiting for next Led tech talk in your cannel.. like them a lot.

    nachooo Well-Known Member

    Using Fr just after lights go off is the way to reduce time in flowering, and put plant to rest earlier (this itself should improve production a little). It makes the plant to sense the nights longer so it acts like increasing night hours if you use Fr and increase dark hours (with the timer) also, you amplify the effect...At the end I got about two and a half weeks of reducing flowering time.
    regarding yield 12/12 same clon did about 7-8% less than 11/13 plus far red in other ocasión.. this time is doing even better..Remember I maintain DLI increasing PPFD.
    Anyway, I usually improve other factors in each crop, but major changes in that case were Fr and photoperiod changes.
    But is not a watt/gr question...right now with the add of uva and uvb I am using extra watts..but they worth the while.. At the end I got better quality product. I wont grow sativas without fr and reduced lightperiod again..
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    PilouPilou Active Member

    Thank you so much for your detailled reply.. so many usefull informations! :clap: Keep on showing us beautiful plants!

    Spanish side I suppose... I'm not so far from you in the south of France ;)
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    PurpleBuz Well-Known Member

    I use far red to help bring in long flowering sativas without lowering day length below 12/12.
    if I reduce the photoperiod day to 10 hours that's almost a 20% reduction in DLI.:sad:

    nachooo Well-Known Member

    I also have used fr to extend light hours like 14/10 plus Fr with same clone.. and yes you got more production...but... flowering time was extended almost 10 days.. Plants foxytail a little more at the end, For me it does not worth the while...althought product was great

    nachooo Well-Known Member

    Up the PPFD and look :)

    PurpleBuz Well-Known Member

    my ppfd is high enough

    nachooo Well-Known Member

    Yes, your Pyrenees side is beautiful, and the bearnese cheese is the néctar of the gods:) Use to visit your mountain and forest a lot
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    nachooo Well-Known Member

    I understand, I had some problems to raise it...increase ventilation, saved some watts in other places...

    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    Man, you guys grow some pretty plants. Got nothin that nice to look at but here's A GG under 35k Cobs. image.jpg image.jpg
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    klx Well-Known Member

    Super interesting all this photo period talk. Going to give that a shot for sure. 10/14 with a 50% increase in photons should cover the DLI hopefully ;)
    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    I pre flower veg with the gas lantern routine with 12/1 then flower with 11/13. The GLR keeps the nodes tighter from my experience while roots fill out pots a bit more.

    I also like to veg my seedling with GLR but keep mothers & root clones with 18/6. Since I started my female to male ratio has improved. No concrete facts for any of his stuff just how I do things & what I’ve noticed.

    I wanted to ask someone how many far reds I would need to cover a 2x4. Simple question I know but im thinking just 2?

    nachooo Well-Known Member

    I think that with 10-15 watts of Far red will be enough.. You can use 3 watts far red leds or more potent leds..I use several 3 watts leds underdrived to half power
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I was thinking about using my old platinum led light for another tent but will have to get a few things. I do have spare drivers from cheap leds so could definitely underdrive several like you said. Do you need heat sinks?
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