Do people actually grow cannabis in this section???

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    I love bagseed!! bagseed+led
    284AD56B-8F90-4911-BAB6-593B5F6FB8E3.jpeg 71C72E70-EE51-469E-832B-DFFF2B0DC941.jpeg D85B16AA-6E16-4319-B3FF-F808B53D4DD4.jpeg EFC69F97-117A-4991-BF13-D1F7FD561C26.jpeg 9C4DF3FF-B204-40A0-BF1D-74ACCBC129E7.jpeg

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    qb grown bagseed
    2D37C9D0-40A8-4CC2-B1CE-163570950CE3.jpeg 6825F91F-5826-4EE8-8051-87FFC264565A.jpeg A624C1F5-CFC5-4F42-9EC7-B6DB67E46BDC.jpeg

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    for the led haterz here one of my cross at 41 days under an old mars hydro 3w x 100 not lollipopedand if you want to say something remember its not even close to what i got under cree cxb 3590... g/w its the minimum not like 0,6g/w under hid... not to mention increase in terps and trich... received_10212241741651826.jpeg
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    Don't tell me you had that plant in that tent?
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    Looks very leggy

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    Harvested my Big bad bubba.
    The yield will be about average, guessing around a half pound, perhaps a bit more from 2 plants.(just under a gram a watt)
    I have tried it and am pleased.
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    is this a joke? /facepalm

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    yes she actually sat on another 5 gal bucket for the pics she only 1,20m tall its an optic illusion lol
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    Im not a led hater but the plants dont lie. Had my platinum & one of those Roleadro COB lights in a tent vegging plants. The platinum just sucks compared to COB’s & the pre made Roleadro with 2 COB’s were under driven, has a lens I dont need, used active cooling & the lights were to close together.

    So I used some spare heat sinks & wired up the two CXB3070’s from the Roleadro then wired another spare half broken board thats better than the 3070’s. So in only one day I could see the plants looks so much better. They really hated the platinum tho!
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    I have rarely been impressed with actual LED grows in person (very rare) and from pics on the forums. Sorry. But thats how I feel. I think HID lamps are here until corporate cannabis takes over legally and its cheaper to buy it from them ( or grow it really inexpensively outdoors) than it is to grow it in a home with ANY artificial light. No matter "the efficiency".

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    I beg to differ.... This site has some very impressive and knowledgeable growers with top shelf plants under the latest LED's in the form of COBS, QB's, strips. Many of the posts have great grow results in progress and completed.

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    LED's do alright, 800w of COBs over 3.5 x 8', various stages...


    Cheers :bigjoint:
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    Just finishing up my first COB grown plant and she's turned out better than expected. I'm very pleased, and impressed, with my Tasty lamp.

    Mango Creme Auto (Exotic Seeds)
    Mango Creme Auto 4.jpg
    Mango Creme Auto 5.jpg

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    Sour Dubb at day 28 under quantum boards, can't wait for this one to finish up.

    IMG_20171114_212631.jpg IMG_20171114_212644.jpg

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    Hello, I am so happy that wanna share results with you. Best results indoor in 30 years, today is a celebration day. Can see info about it some post before in this same thread.
    Final weight, well manicured and in jars: 561 gr
    Total space 0,64 square meters
    Light Watts:
    Total weeks:10
    1-2 vegetative weeks : 18/6 200 watts
    1-2 flower weeks : 10/14 270 watts
    3-4 flower weeks :10/14 330 watts
    5-7 flower weeks: 10/14 400 watts
    8 week 260 watts 9/15
    total weeks:10
    I use about 30 watts aprox more a day for Uva/b all days (I do not consider this a production factor, but is a quality improver). Far red watts used were almost nothing so I did not calculate them.(10 watts , 10 minutes a day in all flower period flower)
    I do not know how much gr/watt are this..but I am sure it is a lot :)))) should be near 2 g per watt.. Cant believe it.

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    Nice one but....pic or it didn't happen :P
    What strain ?

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