do plants really need Vitamin B1

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    I don't have a problem with transplant shock but I am very gentle with the roots when I move to a larger pot.I do use MG quick start when I transplant to encourage new root development

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    No plants don't need B-1/Thiamine they produce large amounts of it themselves. On the other hand NAA sythetic B can stimulate fuzzy root growth or tubers or other things are different proportions or plant growth stages. Nutriboost from Nutrilife has NAA in it. B1 is water of money.
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    ive never used it till recently. added it to my AN line. only a week in so no noticeable difference ive noticed on my strawberry kush seedlings i just transplanted

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    I quit using it after my quart of superthrive went from smelling like dirty socks to alcohol.
    Never really noticed much diff, with or without.
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    Ok actually now that I think about it, superthrive will perk up plants after a transplant. Not sure if it's from the B1 though.
    Never tried the alcohol version. Glad I sniffed that shit first!

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    Couple of things to try. Gh Subculture M. When transplanting put some in the hole that the clones is going to go into. Canna Rhizotonic sprayed a few times per day. Not for too long as the plants will really start top bush out. Also some worm casting at the bottom of the root ball hole.

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    the myth of B1 came from obscure tests in the 1930's and concluded that plants produce them in abundance by themselves.

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    That's the sad part that companies in the hydro industry used that to sell snake oil. I'm store owner I deal with that shit every day and when even I can with out forcibly making a client change their feed chart I tell them to save money and don't use anything B1/thiamine. You'll get instant results if you start with strong clones.
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    I actually pop open a couple of B-complex caps and give that to my plants along with a couple each of zinc citrate and ascorbic acid, (Vit. C). Don't know if it helps but doesn't seem to hurt.

    With each transplant I cut the bottom off the rootball and shave down the sides to remove any long winding roots and the plants love it. I have never seen shock so believe transplant shock to be a myth. I abuse the hell out of my plants and they don't hermie unless they are hermies and no matter what you do they'll grow balls anyway.

    Cannabis is one tough plant and treating them with kid gloves isn't what they need. More peoples plants die from too much love than lack of it.


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    I always pull the wad off the bottom and rough up the sides a little. It stimulates new growth.
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    I make fertilizer and I don't waste the time or money to add vitamin B1 to my products - unless the customer asks for it specifically.

    I look at it this way:
    On a larger scale it would be impractical to supplement with vitamin B1. It's expensive, and the money could be better spent on other amendments.

    As a personal aside I'll crush an aspirin or two with transplants.
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    Dr Harley Smith talks about B vitamins being beneficial in a plants' "systemic induced response" - basically dealing with stress, pathogens etc, whilst also stimulating metabolism of beneficial microbes at the root zone.

    I trust the doctor, but he does also pedal for NPK Raw, so who knows what he wants us to buy.

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