Do you count flowering from 12/12 switch or when you see pistil hairs?

Severed Tongue

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Just started my 2nd indoor flowering run.

After much debate, I've chosen to count after the first 12 hrs of dark, as day 1.

This King Tut showed on day 3.

I've also concluded that breeders dates are guidelines, but ultimately I'm in control of the grow and how I tend to it affects everything.

Thanks for all whom take the time to share your thoughts and experiences.

Budley Doright

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Don’t do much indoor anymore but I never actually kept track much....... my room was also where I smoked so the journals were hit and miss lol. But didn’t matter much, it was done when done, Typically 10 weeks give or take from flip is what I counted in unless it was a bad ass sat., then it was anyone’s guess lol.