Does all weed taste bad?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Lion-O, Mar 27, 2017.


    Lion-O Active Member

    First timer with cannabis. Only grown WW so far. Cooking with it, the weed puts off strong odor and taste. Does all weed/strains smell and taste bad/unappealing?

    My first grows were in FF soil, indoors. Next is hydroponics but strain supposed to be fruity.

    CaliSmokes Well-Known Member

    No, all Cannabis has its own unique smells and flavors. Some less appealing than others.

    Lion-O Active Member

    Well, white widow, is one I don't like. . .

    My new grow is just starting, hoping it'll be much better than my first couple batches with white widow. It'll take some time to get through about 2 lbs of the other stuff though.

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    That green flavor? I don't care for it myself. Never have. Stronger spices cover it up. Full flavor is cannabutter on toast. No salad can match that flavor...ugh.

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    How are using the cannabis? Do you make canna butter? I make a lot of edibles and they taste great.. Most things are better with the cannabis flavor. Most people can't even detect a "weed" flavor in my products. They just like it because it tastes good; getting high is secondary. You're doing something wrong in the preparation if you're getting a bad taste.
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    Huckster79 Well-Known Member

    Wouldnt bother me... i eat fan leaves while working on em... like tony the tiger said: Tastes greeeeeat
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    Lion-O Active Member

    Usually coconut oil. Don't use water as I didn't want to risk any mold.

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    That's your problem. You are getting too many impurities in your extraction. When you use water it helps to separate the icky stuff from the cannabis oil. Refrigerate it afterwards and it will separate out, leaving you a much purer and better tasting product. Just pour off the water and impurities. It will keep with no problems for a week or so in the refrigerator...longer in the freezer
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    Virgin Thumb

    Virgin Thumb Member

    Ya this is an old thread but

    more green =/= stronger. You could be cooking it too long during extraction. When you do that, the chlorophyll starts cooking into your butter or oil or whatever. You shouldnt be extracting your THC into oil,on the stove, for longer than an hr. Exceptions of course. Just find the heat/time balance.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    chlorophyl starts to cook out? well, in tap water it rinses out in a jar, its water soluble.

    extract the essential oils first then use those for cooking. nobody likes cabbage in their brownies man.
    I run two ounces in 30 minutes, recover my solvent in a couple hours and use no heat on my cannabis/oil using a Tamisium.
    its been rocking it for near 7 years with nary an issue. I can add the oil to butter in a recipe, or individual dosing of any candy/cookie dish easily.
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    Virgin Thumb

    Virgin Thumb Member

    Im quoting a cooking book so i probably didnt get it right. let me find it and ill post it later.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    it does come out in your slow cook no doubt. it tastes bad and causes upset tummy for some.
    even a water rinse/bath of buds before you cook it down will help. swirl gently and watch the water turn green

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